Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour Review

This is a reader review of Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear. Thanks Larev for the review!

I have had a long standing obsession with lip gloss. I have owned glosses and lipsticks in every brand possible. Although I have found quite a couple of lip glosses that I love, I struggle with keeping them on my lips. I have very full lips and it seems like the immediately absorb any color I put on them and go back to their dull selves.

Chanel Long Wear Lip Gloss

When Covergirl debuted their longwearing lip glosses, I decided to give them a try. I was very disappointed to find that they dried out my lips and only patches of the color were left on my lips after a few hours. I became weary of anything that said “long wearing” or promised to stay on for more than 8 hours. That was until I came across the Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip at the cosmetics counter at Nordstrom.

I was on my way to work event and decided to dab on some lip gloss at the counter before I headed to my event. Five hours later, I was delightfully surprised that my lip gloss looked intact. I immediately went online and ordered this Chanel Gloss in Violet Sapphire and Rose Topaz. I have since then gone through so many tubes of this product.

The Good

  • It lasts for hours! This product is seriously longwearing. On one particular night that I fell asleep without removing my makeup, I woke up with beautiful pink lips.
  • It doesn’t get patchy. There are many long wear products out there, but, the one that I had tried gets patchy after a few hours. The color on the Chanel lip gloss stays nice and even.
  • You get matte color and a gloss in one. This cuts down on the amount of products I need to carry since I usually always layer lipstick and gloss. This product is both in one tube.
  • It’s kiss proof. My boyfriend loves this lip gloss because it does not leave stains on his cheeks if I give him a peck.
  • The colors are absolutely beautiful. The Violet Sapphire is my favorite color because it is a dark red that looks great for more dressed up events.

The Bad

  • Although it is not as drying as other products, it can still cause your lips to dry out a bit.
  • It is extremely long wearing. I sometimes struggle to remove it when I am washing off my makeup. I have found that rubbing it with baby oil or witch hazel removes it more effectively than soap and water.


  • Apply a lip moisturizer, such as Peter Thomas Roth’s Lips to Die For, to keep lips from drying.
  • Use the gloss over any other lipstick to make it last longer.
  • If you are going for a matte look, skip applying the clear gloss over the lip color.

Buy it at Nordstrom!

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Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor –Lipstick to the Rescue

The following is a Guest/Reader review of Revlon Color-Stay Lipcolor.

Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor saved me from my unsuccessful search for the perfect lipstick. I wanted lipstick that I only had to apply once a day. I am a pretty simple person, but I do feel better when I have my lipstick on even if I’m not wearing other makeup. Other brands state their lipsticks have staying power of 8 or more hours, but they didn’t work for me. When I tried those other brands I found I had to reapply my lipstick often. When I apply ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor, I know it won’t wear off and that I will have it on all day even after eating or kissing my special someone. Sometimes my color is still visible the next day.

Revlon Color Stay Lip Color Review

ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor comes in a small tube that conveniently has lipstick on one side of the tube and liquid lip gloss on the other side. While I prefer a solid stick of lip gloss, this one does help keep my lips feeling moisturized after applying the lipstick which can be a little drying to the lips. There are many colors to choose from and it seems as though Revlon continues to introduce new colors from time to time.

One of the downsides to this lipstick is finding the right color. In stores where Revlon is sold, there are plastic tiles that are supposed to show you how the color will look. Unfortunately, I have found that the color tiles aren’t always accurate, nor are looking at the colors of the tubes themselves. You may end up with a color that is much lighter or darker than what you were looking for. I have now found a couple of colors that work well for me and I am so happy to apply them in the morning and forget about my lips for the rest of the day. It’s just one less thing to worry about. Love, love, love this lipstick.

Shop for Revlon Color-Stay

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MAC Casual Colour Keep It Casual Swatch

The MAC Casual Colour collection had eight shades of lip and cheek creams. I love the pigment in these. They wear quite well on the lips and, if you want good cheek pigment, they are nice for that as well.

Keep It Casual is my favorite shade. Here is a swatch of it:

MAC Keep it Casual Swatch

Here is a lip swatch of  the Keep It Casual shade as well. I also put this up over on Beauty and Fashion Tech.

MAC Casual Colour Lip Swatch

The MAC Casual Colour collection is available now and includes a number of products, but the cheek and lip and colours really are the main thrust of the collection.

Disclosure: This post is based on products provided to by a representative of MAC Cosmetics.

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