Cat Cosmetics Lip Liner

I love this lip liner from Cat Cosmetics. Provided in a neutral shade, buck naked, it is very versatile. It is also just about the best liner I have used. The pencil is creamy, so there is no tugging, it and get this — it is waterproof! It lasts incredibly well.
Wear the Cat Cosmetics liner under your favorite lipsticks with a little gloss for a very comfortable and long wearing look.  This is by far my favorite lip liner. I also reviewed years back on Beauty and Fashion Tech (read Cat Cosmetics review).

Four Favorite Hard Candy Lip Products

Hard Candy Cosmetics are back, and they are at Walmart.  I went out and bought a selection of items to try and the lip products were definitely my favorites.  Hard Candy also sent me some eye shadows to try that I will review next week on Beauty and Fashion Tech.

  • The Balm Girls tinted balms give a nice sheer tint with good moisture. The package is cute too.
  • Mouthing Off Lipgloss is a high shine gloss that is not sticky and has pretty shades.
  • Button Your Lips Gloss is a twist up brush gloss similar to Stila’s glosses. This was my favorite of the bunch. Great pigment and low stickiness as long as you don’t try to go to sheer with it. I likes these better than Stila’s actually!
  • Visibly Wet Lip Pencil is a creamy, thick lip crayon that also has fairly good pigment and pretty shades.

Below are shopping links for the products at Walmart. You should also be able to find them just fine in the stores, although my local store was sold out of a few items–mostly eyeshadows.


MAC Holiday Lip Kits and Bags

I managed to sneak in a field trip to the MAC store to see the new MAC Holiday Collection icon. The MAC lip bags this year are quite nice. I like the silver bags, and the colors in both sets are quite attractive. One set is a selection of pretty pinks, and the other collection is akin to brick red in color.

MAC Holiday Lip Bag

The lip kits are also nice, as usual. One kit has neutral  shades and the other has pinks. There is also a MAC Viva Glam set. Again, I like the cases on these quite a bit this year.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Kit

Finally, there are new dazzleglasses out for the holidays, including two very nice pinks. The shades are softer this year, and I rather like that!

MAC Dazzleglass Holiday

Want to shop the collection? You can see, and shop, all of the MAC Holiday Collection at Holiday Makeup!

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