MAC Styledriven Collection Swatches

The new MAC Styledriven Collection includes large number of new items that will be part of the MAC Pro Longwear Permanent Collection. All items are highly pigmented and are designed for long wear, hence the Pro Longwear name.

MAC Styledriven Collection Swatches

I posted my indoor photos of swatches from the collection on Beauty and Fashion Tech. I usually tend to feel that the indoor pictures are more true to color, or at least more true to color for most situations and products, but the outdoor photos of this bunch came out pretty true as well. I suppose the more pigment there is, the more similar the colors will be in different light. Only the eye shadows swatches seemed a bit washed out from the sunlight in these photos.

MAC Styledriven LipCreme Swatches

I adore MAC Pro Longwear lipcreme. The lipsticks provide a good moisturizing texture and fells and the color lasts and lasts. I like to pair them with the lip pencils. These are heavy duty shades with a lot of gloss to them. Below are lipcreme swatches of the shades Endless Drama, Soft Sell, Dress It Up, and So Very Good.

MAC Styledriven LipCreme Swatches


MAC Styledriven Lip Pencil Swatches

The Pro Longear Lip Pencils do indeed give long wear. You can use these alone by filling in your lips and covering with a light gloss, for a sheer look, or cover then with a lipcreme or longwear lipglass for some serious staying power.   Below are swatches of the shades Nice N’ Spicy, Staunchly Stylish, What a Blast!, Absolutely It, Morning Coffee.

MAC styledriven lip pencil swatches

MAC Styledriven Lipglass Swatches

The Pro Longwear lipglasses also are high on pigment, but I tend to also find them to be on the sticky side. Here are swatches of the following shades: Ready or Not, Driven by Love, Whoops!, Dark As Night, and Infinitely Likeable.

MAC Styledriven lipglass swatches


MAC Styledriven Eye Shadow Swatches

The eye shadow in the MAC Styledriven collection holds up quite nicely. The amount of pigment is very high, as one would expect, and the shades really pop. Below are outdoor swatches of the following shades. From left to right: Styledriven, One To Watch, Hot Paprika, Thru the Night, and Legendary Black.

MAC Styledriven Eye Shadow Swatches

MAC Styledriven will hit the counters September 22, 2011.

Disclosure: This aticle is based on products provided by a representative of MAC Cosmetics.


MAC Quite Cute Swatches: Lip Products

The MAC Cosmetics Quite Cute Collection is adorable! It is full of cute pastels. Below is a swatch of some of the MAC Quite Cute lip products. From Left to Right in sunlight:  Lip pencils Boldly Bare and In Synch, Lipsticks Playing Koi (satin) and Candy Yum-Yum (matte), Plushglass I (heart) U and Girl (heart) Boy:

MAC Quite Cute Swatches

Here is a MAC Quite Cute Collection photo:

MAC Quite Cute Collection

The collection goes on sale around April 7. You can also see swatches of the eyeshadow quad and two of blushes here: MAC Quite Cute Swatches.

Update: I received a question about the Candy Yum-Yum swatch asking if it was matte. Yes, it is. It also is nicely pigmented. If you like bright pinks such as that, it really is a rather stunning shade, in part because of its matte look. Playing Koi is a satin. I edited the information above to reflect that.

Disclosure: This post is based on products given to me by a representative of the company.


How To Do Lips

Many different women are afraid to use lipstick or lipgloss. This is mainly because it can stain your teeth, smudge, or wear off. But it doesn’t have to!

Applying Lipstick
Before you apply lipstick to your lips, trace the natural line of your lips with a lip liner of your choice. You need to make sure that your lip liner is the correct color. When choosing the color of your lip liner, try to choose a color that is as close as possible to the natural color of your lips. You do not want to over exaggerate your lips. It is always best to go for gentle and natural lip liner colors. If you do not own lip liner, you may be interested in Bobbi Brown lip liner from Sephora. Bobbi Brown lip liner comes in natural colors that include plum, brown, and rose. Fill in your lips with your lip liner. The lip liner acts as glue for your lipstick. This helps your lipstick stay on your lips.

bobbi brown lip liner

Next, apply your lipstick. Be careful while you are applying lipstick. You should be extremely careful if you want to wear dark lipstick. This is because lipsticks that are darker in color can stain easier.

Make sure that you apply the lipstick in an even coat. In order to make sure that your lipstick is even, you may want to use tissue to blot your lips. Do not wipe off all of the lipstick. Blotting your lips also make sure that any lipstick that can stain your teeth is removed. Make sure that you apply the lipstick in an even coat. In order to make sure that your lipstick is even, you may want to use tissue to blot your lips. Do not wipe off all of the lipstick. Blotting your lips also make sure that any lipstick that can stain your teeth is removed.

Kat Von D Lipstick

If you are interested in a sophisticated look, you may want to look at the Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick line. Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick offers many different sophisticated colors that work great for any woman. Colors include burgundy red, dusty rose, and even hot pink.

Applying Lipgloss
If you want a youthful and sexy smile during the day or even during the night, you may want to wear lipgloss. Lipgloss can be used to produce a healthy and moist look for your lips. You may be interested in the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lipgloss line. This line is perfect for women who want to add a little bit of extra shine to their lips. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lipgloss colors include deep burgundy, dusty rose, vibrant pink, pale pink and golden peach.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

Before you apply lipgloss, you should prepare the surface of your lips. You can do this by using colorless lip balm or a conditioner for your lips. This will smooth any dry spots on your lips and help your lipgloss glide on easily. You should also choose the right color. For example, if you want to wear lipgloss during the daytime you may want to choose a color that is close to your natural lip color. Pink, lavender, and clear lip gloss works perfectly.

Dab a lip brush into your lipgloss and apply the gloss onto your upper lip. Next, you should use the brush to paint the gloss from the center of your lower lip to the outer edges of your lower lip. One recommended brush is the Sephora Collection Professional Lip Brush.

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