4 Brilliant Looks Using Bright Eye Shadows

Whether you are gearing up for the party of the year or you are simply interested in making your outfits pop a little, consider what bright eye shadow can do for you. Say goodbye the gentle neutral browns and mushrooms of the past winter, and say hello to some bright golds, magentas and peacock blues. Color is back in in a big way, and eye shadow is a great way to throw some color onto your appearance. Choose one of these fabulous ways to put bright eye shadow on your eyelids.

Using Bright Eye Shadow Shades To Create Fun Makeup Looks

Bright eye shadow


* Subtle Sparkle

If you love the bright shades but you are not yet ready to commit, consider a subtle effect using a single shade of bright, nearly electric eye shadow. Place a single, sweeping line of bright eye shadow right on your lower lash line, and then make sure that you give yourself plenty of mascara to slightly obscure it. Choose neon green or a vibrant peacock blue for this effect, and you will get a delicate glimmer all night.

* Smoky Shadowing

To give your eyes a smoky look, start by outlining your eyes in black pencil and then brush on a base eyeshade that is just a little darker than than your own skin tone. Then go over this eye shadow with something substantially brighter using a pointed sponge applicator, contouring your eye and surrounding it completely. This brighter color should blend well with the pencil line and give your eyes a wonderfully smoky look. Choose a jade green or a bright turquoise for this effect.

* Peacock Glamour

For a nighttime party look, take a lesson from the proud peacock. This look uses several bright shades of eye shadow and it creates a wonderfully metallic look. Start by applying a thin layer of gold eye shadow to your eyelid, spreading it all the way up to your eyebrow. Use a lime or jade green eye shadow to fill in the space from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner, and then fill the space from the inner corner of the eye to the middle using a purple eye shadow. Place a streak of blue eye shadow at the place where the two meet, and then blend the entire area together gently using your finger.

* Layered Looks

For a very bright look, use two eye shadows of the same color in different shades. Start by brushing the darker shade of the eye shadow color over the lid, and then sweeping the lighter shade from the top of the lid to the brow bone. Leave the line between the two shades distinct, and you’ll find that you are in a terrific place to get an eye-popping look. If you want to be a little more daring, choose two complimentary colors instead of using two shades of the same color. Green and purple, red and gold, and blue and green are some of the choices in front of you.

If you are in a situation where you are invested in changing you look, bright eye shadow may be just the right route for you to take. It is subtle enough that you do not risk drawing stares, but it can also be used in a way that allows it to dramatically change your appearance. When purchasing your colors, make sure that you have an electric blue, a warm magenta, a jade green and a silver or gold of your choice to get the most use out of your selection.

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MAC By Request!

MAC Cosmetics is inviting their fans to vote for their favorite old and discontinued shades from past selections with the most popular choices slated to be resurrected this fall!

MAC By Request

Between now and March 30, you can vote on 18 popular past lipsticks, lipglasses and eye shadows on the MAC cosmetics Facebook Page.

Here are the shades that are up for election from newest to oldest in each category:

Eye Shadow:

M·A·C By Request Eye Shadow Cool Heat M·A·C-By Request Eye Shadow Solar White M·A·C By Request Eye Shadow Jeté
 M·A·C By Request Eye Shadow Guacamole
M·A·C-By Request Eye Shadow Moth Brown
M·A·C By Request Eye Shadow Heavenly Bliss


Cool Heat as seen in Cool Heat – June 2008

Solar White as seen in Cool Heat (June 2008)

Jeté as seen in Danse (January 2006)

Guacamole as seen in Salsabelle (May 2005)

Moth Brown as seen in Madame B. (March 2005)

Heavenly Bliss as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)



 M·A·C By Request Lipglass Emancipation  M·A·C By Request Lipglass Icescape M·A·C By Request Lipglass 2N
M·A·C By Request Lipglass Cult of Cherry M·A·C By Request Lipglass Bait  M·A·C By Request Lipglass Flash of Flesh

Emancipation as seen in Wonder Woman (February 2011)

Icescape as seen in Love Lace (December 2009)

2N as seen in N Collection (January 2008)

Cult of Cherry as seen in Cult of Cherry (September 2008)

Bait as seen in Lure (June 2006)

Flash of Flesh as seen in M·A·C D’Bohemia (May 2005)



 M·A·C By Request Lipstick ShitakiM·A·C By Request Lipstick EdenRocks M·A·C By Request Lipstick Candy Yum YumM·A·C By Request Lipstick Moxie M·A·C By Request Lipstick 3NM·A·C By Request Lipstick Rocker

Shitaki as seen in Cuisine (March 2001)

Candy Yum Yum as seen in Quite Cute (April 2011)

3N as seen in N Collection (January 2008)

Eden Rocks as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)

Moxie as seen in Retro Matte Lipsticks (September 1999)

Rocker as seen in Time Rocker (Fall 1999)

I look forward to seeing the winners in the fall and doing swatches of them then!





Go Vote!

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Trending Pastels: Sweet and Sugary

This season my favorite colors are trending and I’m not referring to the neon accessories and brightly colored pants. Even though color is fun – light pastel colors are just as fun. In fact I love all of the pastel makeup tones that will be trending this spring. They’re extremely girlie, feminine, and create a natural look that’s perfect for spring and beyond. So what are my favorite ways to incorporate sweet pastels this season? Read on to find out.


Pastel Cosmetics for Spring


Pastel Nail Colors:

If you’re in the habit of painting your nails black for the fall and winter months now is the time to break into the pastel colors. Find some amazing nail polish that you love from brands like OPI or Essie and either get a manicure at a salon or paint them yourself. One of my favorite colors is mint green – a cross between turquoise and green (in my opinion), this color is on its way to becoming the best pastel color yet. I personally can’t wait to find the perfect mint green purse to go with my mint green nails.

Pastel Lip Tints:

If you love the natural look that is elegant yet pretty, this trend will become a favorite of yours. Pastel lip tints are easy to apply and look extremely lovely. In addition to lip tints, you can also pair your lip gloss or lipstick with a pastel dress and pumps and you have the perfect spring time outfit. Don’t forget other pastel makeup including glistening shadow, which is coming up next. Now all you need is a date!

Pastel Eye Shadow:

Sigh, eye shadows are so beautiful. Especially the light colored pastel shadows. If you want just a subtle glimmer or a richer pastel shade, it all depends how you apply your pastel colors on your eyelids. Shimmering eye shadows illuminate your face and make your eyes look fresh and wide awake. For the mascara you’ll want to keep this natural as well because you will want to allow your eye shadow to take center stage. Your glimmering eye shadow is stunning enough all on its own.

Enjoy the pastels this spring and summer and show off your illuminating face at your home, office, or wherever you are on a day to day basis with gorgeous makeup. A sheer cream blush and extra soft colors on your clothing ensemble will complete the look – you’re ready to enjoy this sugary sweet trend already.

Sierra is a writer who enjoys fashion and beauty and loves learning about the latest trends. She especially loves natural beauty and strives to have a lovely complexion. Catch up with Sierra on her Ocean Dreams blog.  

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