Stila In The Garden Palette Swatches, Review, Photos

The Stila In the Garden Palette has just about all you need for spring to achieve either a pretty and natural look, or a spring look with a pop of color. The palette comes nicely packaged with 10 eye shadow shades and a coordinating eyeliner. I bought one to swatch and love it. Stila shadows are always quality and the shades in this set are perfect for spring.

Below are photos and swatches of my In The Garden Palette. The packaging is a thick cardboard case with the Stila logo.

Stila In the Garden Photo

Inside are ten shades for neutral and colorful looks that will work for either day or evening. Plus an eyeliner.

Stila In the Garden Palette

Here are swatches of the Stila In The Garden Palette. First up are swatches of the top row with the shades Chinois (matte creamy white), Breeze (shimmering beige), Bark (a particularly nice shimmering taupe and the photo doesn’t quite show how pretty it really is), Freesia (shimmery violet blue), and Rosette (metallic pink violet).

Stila In the Garden swatches

Next are swatches from the bottom row on In The Garden with the shades Nectar (neutral matte creamy beige-almost a perfect match for my skin tone, so it is a bit hard to see), Honey (metallic bronze gold), Sage (a gorgeous shimmering light green), Moss (dark olive/brown green with light shimmer), and Juniper (deep shimmer forest green).

Stila in the Garden Palette Swatches

This is a beautiful palette for spring that works well in other seasons too. It is limited edition, so get it before it is gone!

Buy it at

Buy it at

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Four Steps To Perfect Eye Makeup

How to Apply Eye Makeup

Applying eye makeup is not always an easy task. Sure, you could just slather on some eye shadow, but for a flawless all-day look, it is best to take some care. Below are three tips to getting you on your way to the best eye makeup application. All of the items below can be found at Sephora.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Start with a primer:

Eye primer fills in tiny lines and smoothes the surface, allowing for more even coverage and longer wear for your eye shadow. One often recommended product is Primer Potion from Urban Decay. If you are going natural and jsut want to even things up, it can be worn alone, but it really works best a a base for shadow. Primer Potion prevents your shadow from smudging and creasing, and it help keep your color lasting all day.

Choose the best eye shadow palette:

Choose the best shadow shades for your skin tone and eye color goes a long way toward creating the perfect look.  For a natural day look, find a good basic set of neutral shades for daily wear. Then, pick some favorite stronger hues for evening wear.

Look for multiple use palettes, such as the below palette from Tarte, which offers shades appropriate for both day and evening wear in a variety of pretty colors. The kit is packaged in a cute case with a shadow brush and eyeliner for simple application.

Tarte Eye Shadow Palette


Apply Shadow Carefully. Less Is More:

One of the most fundamental makeup mistakes is applying too much. too bright of a shade during the day, or too much of any shade can look garish and will only act to age your appearance. this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear fun shades, it simply means to proceed with caution anytime you start getting brave with shadow. For a simple look, apply a light shade to the brow bone, a medium shade to the lid and use a darker shade as a liner. drama can be added by darkening the crease. Save the bright shades and high contrast items for evening looks, or for fun daytime outings where a neutral professional look is not required.

Use a Quality Mascara:

Mascara completes the eye makeup routine. An often used rule for a  natural look is that women with dark eyes and hair should use black mascara, while those with blue eyes and light hair should chooser brown mascara. However, that certainly is not set in stone, and many pale skinned women will look quite good in black mascara.  Black is also the best for all evening looks. there are numerous quality mascaras on the market. For the best look, curl lashes first, wipe your mascara brush in order to prevent clumps, and apply one coat of mascara. For greater drama, wait for the first coat to dry, fill and wipe the brush again, and apply one more gentle coat.   DiorShow Iconic Mascara  an all around great product for any more dramatic mascara look, as well as for regular wear. For more natural looking and thinner lashes, Lancome Definicils Mascara does a nice job of providing natural definition and length.

Shop for Makeup at Sephora

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How To Apply Eyeliner

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a great eyeliner look? Maybe you simply need some beginner lessons in how to apply eyeliner? Or, if you are a pro at the basics, have you wondered how to get the perfect winged cat’s eye? The guide below from Total Beauty covers it all. This really is a nice tutorial set for anyone who needs some direction in the eyeliner department, and I think it is one of Total Beauty’s best guides.

To see the various looks (there are ten of them) and learn how to do them, click on through below!
The Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

From the basic straight line to the crazy retro cat-eye, we’ve got 10 eyeliner looks that you must try now

We know what you’re thinking: I can barely draw a straight line, let alone a winged tip. Are we right or are we right? Well that’s where eye makeup guru Taylor Chang-Babaian comes in. She shares details on how to hold the brush, keep your hand steady, and achieve the more daring looks — all on your first try.


See tutorials

The Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

This is a eye makeup article

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