CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

This is a guest review of a favorite product from Dee, CoverGirl Perfect Point Liner. Thanks Dee for the great post!

When we were twelve years old, my friends and I went to the mall and got our first professional makeovers. I can still remember it. We were new to the experience, but we were savvy enough to realize that we were expected to buy something at the end. As a young teenager, all I had to spend was a little bit of babysitting money, so I bought the cheapest makeup the lady had used: the eyeliner.

Cover Girl Perfect Point Eyeliner Review

I loved the way eyeliner looked then, and I still love it now. In fact, the makeup that I wear to work consists of only three things: eyeliner, clear mascara and lipstick. I’m an olive skinned brunette with bold features and clear skin, so I’ve never felt the need to wear more than that. In fact, if I was only going to wear one thing, it would be the eyeliner. It makes my face looks more vivid; more finished.

The eyeliner that I bought from the makeover lady all those years ago was a pencil that needed to be sharpened. That type of eyeliner is difficult to keep neat. The color in the middle is either so soft it won’t sharpen properly or so hard it won’t make a clear mark. It’s difficult to sharpen them evenly, and nobody wants to scrape their eyelid with a sharp piece of wood. For that reason, I’ve got a strong preference for mechanical eyeliner pencils. You just twist out a little more of the colored tip when they start to run low.

Since eyeliner is one of the few types of makeup I wear regularly, I’ve tried a lot of brands. I feel confident in saying that CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner is the best inexpensive product out there, and it’s better than the expensive ones I’ve tried, too. The tip almost never breaks, and it makes a strong, even line. They’re equipped with covered smudging sponges on the back end, for a more romantic look. The covers on both the tip and the sponge stay put, even in my purse. These pencils last for a long time. In fact, the brand name has worn off the one I’m using now, and I had to look it up.

I’ll go out of my way for these pencils. I’ve moved to the U.K. now, and I haven’t been able to find them in the stores here, so I order them from the U.S.
CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner: highly recommended.

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Make-Up Tips to Suit Your Eye Shape

The beauty of make-up is that the same product used in different ways can make every woman look fantastic – it’s all in the application. Knowing what suits your individual features is crucial to ensure your make-up works for you, enhancing your best bits and disguising the bits you least like. This is no truer than when it comes to the eyes, of which there are many shapes and sizes. Choose the category that best fits your eyes and follow the simple tips for fabulous looking peepers.

red glasses


Characterized by an upswept outer corner, many women with oval eyes wish to create the illusion of greater depth and size. The best way to achieve this is to use a dark liquid eyeliner to draw a bold sweep on the upper lid, defining the upswept outer corner. As poker-straight lashes are often a feature of almond eyelashes, invest in some great heated eyelash curlers and finish off with a generous coating of inky black mascara.


Being roughly the same height and width, those with round eyes often want to give the illusion that they are more almond shaped. Apply eye liner as close to your lashes as possible, avoiding the inner corners of your eyes. Start at the centre of your lower lashes and work your way outwards and line only three quarters of the way across your upper lashes. This way you draw attention to the outer edges, giving the appearance of wider eyes. For a more dramatic effect, create a subtle cat’s eye by flicking the line up and outward where the upper line meets the lower line in the outer corner.


Similar to almond shaped eyes but without the upward angle at the corner, those with oval shaped eyes often want to create a widening effect. Use a pearlescent, shimmery eye shadow to brighten the area and then line the upper lid from outside to inside corner, thickening it as it reaches the centre above the iris – this will give the illusion of a bigger, wider eye. You could also accentuate your oval shape with a sultry cat’s eye, as mentioned above.

Deep Set

To avoid your brows looking like they’re a hood over your eyes, you need to make your eyes seem as if they are further forwards in your face, giving a wider, brighter eyed look. Stick to light, bright shades of eye shadow and brush over the entire lid, including the inner corner, using a darker contour shade only at the outer crease. Liner should be kept thin, just enough to define your eye, and should be smudged slightly with an eye shadow sponge to soften the look.


To avoid looking sad and older than you actually are, first apply an under-eye concealer to counter any shadows the droopy shape creates. Stick to a neutral powder shadow on the lids to avoid the shadow settling into any lines, and a warmer tone on the crease to give your eyes definition. Applying the eye shadow in an oval shape on the lid and inner corner will give the illusion of height at the outer corner. When applying liner, stop before the outer corner.

As a beauty journalist and copywriter, Emily Buckley has written numerous health and beauty articles, including a number on behalf of Laser Sight, pioneers of laser eye surgery in Australia.

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The Best Makeup For Teens

Teens have busy schedules filled with school, sports, homework, after-school jobs and busy social lives. Their non-stop days mean that teens need a variety of makeup options that can easily be applied and re-applied no matter what they are doing. A teen girl typically needs to carry items that fit inside her purse, backpack or pocket to carry at all times during any situation.

Makeup for Teens

teen makeup


The best daily foundation for teens depends on their skin type. A teen with oily skin should wear a powder-based foundation that will not further clog her pores or add to her acne problem. If she has dry skin, she should apply a moisturizer every morning and then wear a cream-based foundation. This will keep her skin from looking prematurely aged.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can be difficult to learn at first, so a teen should start her eye-makeup regimen with only one shade of eye shadow to sweep across her lid. As she becomes more comfortable, a teen will be better at experimenting with different styles. Palettes of eye shadow are a great way to try a large range of shadow trends without needing to purchase individual items. Sephora makes a number of Sephora brand palettes that are affordable and full of great shades. Blending eye shadow is a great look for any occasion. This is done by combining complementary colors together over a base at the edge and crease of the eyelid. The highlight shade can also dip below the eye’s waterline as an eyeliner base.

Eye Liner

Eyeliner is worn by the majority of teens and finding the right type is easy. Soft kohl-based eyeliner is easier to maintain during the school day and rarely needs a touch-up, even after sports. For the weekend or evening, liquid eyeliner gives teens a sleek look and dries quickly.


Black mascara opens the eyes and makes them appear larger. It matches every eye makeup color theme and adds brightness to a girl’s eye color. Lengthening mascara is best for girls with curly or short eyelashes, while curling or definition-adding mascara is best for girls with eyelashes that are already long. For a more natural look, try brown mascara.Too many teens don’t stop to think about mascara care and hygiene. Mascara carries high levels of bacteria, especially when sitting in a backpack or purse at school. Mascara should not be worn for longer than four to five months before being discarded, and teens should never share mascara with each other.

Lip Color

Optimal lip color depends on a teen’s coloring. Fair-skinned teens should stay away from pink lipsticks and lip-glosses. Coral-based lip color is a better choice. Cooler purples and reds are well-matched with olive and dark skin. Medium red hues look the best on brunettes. Teens with thinner lips may want to try sheer or opaque glosses to add definition to their lips. Subtle lip-liner is another way to achieve a thicker shape, but should only be done in shades matching her natural lip color to avoid an outlined effect.

The teen years are the best time for a girl to find which colors and products will work best for her, and to learn how to alter trends and special looks to match her own unique style.

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