Chapstick Fresh Effects Lip Balm

Chapstick Fresh Effects Lip Balm

Chapstick has a new lip balm out, ChapStick Fresh Effects, in two flavors: Refreshing Mandarin and Invigorating Green Tea Mint.

chapstick fresh effects lip balm

I gave both flavors a try and was quite pleased with them.  The balm itself has some mint and other ingredients that create a light tingling and cooling sensation. Go figure that I threw out the box before I took a look to see just what ingredient made it tingle. I suspect menthol or eucalyptus, or something similar. Anyway, I rather liked the sensation.

The texture of these balms is quite nice. It is a bit creamier than standard Chapstick, which tends to be quite a bit on the waxy side. Yet, it isn’t so creamy or oil based that constant reapplication is needed. I tend to like my balms to be in that middle road area.

Mostly though, these balms taste good! I really liked both flavors, especially the mandarin one. You can find Chapstick Fresh effects at just about any drugstore, grocery store or big box retailer.

Note: This review is based on items sent to me by a representative of Chapstick.

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