Chanel Lip Gloss

Chanel Lip Gloss


I was asked the other day: What is the best lip gloss you have tried, but have never owned? I had the answer right away: Chanel

I have tried Chanel lip gloss on a couple of occasions, but never actually purchased one. I guess I never quite felt like spending the money at the times I was near a Chanel counter, although I have bought some other pretty expensive products.

I actually would love to own one. The gloss is some of the best out there. It is wonderfully smooth and thick, yet not sticky, and from my couple of limited uses, it seems to last about the best of anything I have seen. Chanel has some beautiful shades too.

None of this is particularly surprising, Chanel doesn’t do anything mediocre. It is top notch or it isn’t Chanel. All of their cosmetics are well worth the price in my opinion.

Also check out Chanel Cristalle Gloss for a more sheer shine.

Now I think I need to go shopping……

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