Gucci Watches:The Quality, Design And Style That Is Unbeatable

Gucci as all of us know is a world class fashion and leather goods brand. When any good or accessory comes with the Gucci name or logo it is considered as high value item; and why not? The House of Gucci is enabled to maintain their standard in terms of quality, style and variety. There was a time when the Gucci brand was famous for its handbags and sunglasses: but now the case is totally different. Now Gucci is offering any fashion item you can think of; from stylish shoes to dresses and from fragrances to jewelry etc. Here we look at one of the very great collections of Gucci watches called G-Frame collection.
Gucci G-Frame Collection

G-Frame is the latest collection of Gucci watches. This collection features rectangular and square shapes of premium watches. The G-Frame collection is comprised of eight awesome models. These models of G-frame collection differ in their designs, colors, and materials of bangle or strap, dials, and cases.

Gucci watches

The great thing with this collection is that all of the models have 3 ATM water-resistance, Unscratchable Sapphire Crystal and anti reflective coating inside the crystal. Moreover, all of the models have 18 KT yellow Gold. Likewise, with the Gucci G-Frame you can get the entire model with a different bracelet, crystal and dial furnishings.

Here are four of the eight watches in the collection:

(YA127504) model of G-Frame collection has a beautiful and attractive black color dial with 3 diamond made second marks. Moreover, the bracelet and the case of this watch is made of steel. The white crystal bracelet, black dial, and three beautiful diamonds have made this watch very seductive looking.

Gucci G Frame

Gucci G-Frame Quartz Watch (Model YA127505)


Yet another master piece of Gucci’s G-Frame collection is Model YA127505. The bangle of this model has a very unique design. This watch has silver mirror dial with 20 diamonds on the case. Like all other models of G-Frame collection, this particular watch is also available in rectangular and square shapes. You can also get this model-505 with black and brown color dial and bangles variations.

Gucci quartz watch

Gucci G-Frame Quartz Watch (Model YA127510/511/512)


The three models of G-frame collection in 510/511 and 512 have similar shapes and other features. However the models differ in the color of their dials. Model 510 has a brown dial, model-511 has silver dial, while model 512 has black dial. The unique features of these three models is the pattern of their dial which is GG shaped.

Gucci G frame watches



Gucci G-Frame Watch (Model YA127509)

This model is my favorite one. You might say that I love G-Frame-509 because it has 202 diamonds in the dial. Yes, this might be one reason, but the major reason why I like this model is its Teju lizard strap which is very stylish and durable too. Women can get a brown variation of this model.

Gucci diamond watch

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Change Family Heirlooms into Trendy Fashion Pieces

Passed down from generation to generation in your family, heirlooms have sentimental and historical value. They remind you about past family members who you may have never met and the type of influence they had on the entire family that shaped who you are today.

antique pocket watch

Family heirlooms are slowly making their way into the latest fashion trends. Instead of having that heirloom stuffed in a box in the attic as it gathers dust, why not incorporate it into what you’re wearing today? It gives new life to your heirloom, shows how much you honor and care about your family and adds eye-popping appeal to your clothing.

What’s Considered A Family Heirloom?

A family heirloom is anything that’s been saved by an ancestor as it’s passed down from parent to child for generations. The item can be handmade or have a unique quality the ancestor believed could be of monetary value in future years. Common types of heirlooms include:

· Coins: rare coins no longer minted, silver coins, gold coins, collector’s coins

· Jewelry: pendants, brooches, gemstones, necklaces, cameos, wedding and engagement rings, religious jewelry such as rosaries and Jesus fish

· Photographs: family photos, war photos, special event photos

· Letters and Documents: love letters, official government documents, long-distance letters, war documents, maps, manuscripts

· Clothing and Fabric: handcrafted quilts, Oriental rugs, wedding dresses, drapery, knitted scarves, crocheted crafts

Types of Heirlooms Used For Fashion Statements

vintage pearls


Jewelry is the most common family heirloom used as a fashion statement. Often, you only have to change the jewelry’s setting if it’s tarnished or broken. You can easily change a ring into a necklace, a pendant into a ring and a brooch into a hairpin.

By removing gems from jewelry, you can have them placed into the new metal setting of your choice. You can also take metal jewelry such as a Jesus fish and place it into a brooch to make a trendy fashion statement.


Ever thought of replacing those missing buttons on your jacket with small coins? Coins can be added as decorations on purses or as cuff buttons on men’s shirts. Coins can also be used as jewelry accessories like brooches and pendants.

To mount coins on fabric, the best way is to create holes through the surface and sew the coin in place. Carefully decide on which coins you want changed as not to ruin those that have a monetary value.

Fabric and Clothing

If you have the sewing skills and the time, you can take old family heirlooms of fabric and clothing and change them into fashionable dresses and shirts. The latest fashion trends of the season are bold colors, pastels and crochet pieces. Quilts, crocheted shirts and wedding gowns that were family heirlooms can be combined with vivid fabrics to make unique casual and eveningwear.

Before Changing Family Heirlooms into Fashion Statements

You’re probably now excited to dig through those boxes in your grandmother’s attic to find family heirlooms and change them into unique fashion statements. But before you do this, make sure other family members are fine with the planned changes you’ll make. Resentment and hard feelings can last a lifetime when people squabble over family heirlooms, so get the okay from everyone first.

You’ll also need to find out if the items have any monetary value. Jewelry and coins can become devalued if the settings are changed or the surface is marked. Contact a reputable jeweler or coin appraiser to study the item to determine its value.

Make a Trendy Appearance

Giving new life to a family heirloom can honor the memories of loved ones who are no longer with you. These heirlooms are to be enjoyed by family members, not sit in a box gathering dust. If you can change a family heirloom so it can bring happiness to yourself and to future family members, making the heirloom into a fashion statement is a worthy endeavor.

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5 Timeless Staples That Your Wardrobe is Begging For

Do you feel like your closet requires frequent updating to stay on-trend? It could be that you’re missing a few staple items that never go out of style. Paired with bold accessories that show off your style, these 5 classic items can provide the fashion edge you’re looking for without breaking the bank every season.
trench coat

Flats, Flats, and More Flats
They come in a dizzying array of styles, and are typically affordable enough that you can snatch several pairs for the price of one posh set of heels. The best part of flats? You can jazz up a pair of jeans, dress down an evening gown, or add a pop of color to a simple ensemble. Wear them to work, to a party, with trouser socks, or completely nude: the possibilities are endless with flats, so don’t feel guilty snatching up a pair…or three.

Classic Cocktail Dress
This timeless “date night” piece should not be missing from any woman’s closet. Choose a simple black dress and you’ll be rewarded with versatility; let your style shine with bold, colorful pumps and handbag, or keep it classic with elegant jewelry. The great thing about a classic cocktail dress: you can change the look with whatever accessories you love this season, but the dress itself will always be in vogue.

Waist-High Pencil Skirt
Nothing says “classic” like a 2-piece ensemble with a waist-hugging skirt and flirty silk blouse. Paired with a tailored blazer, it’s the quintessential interview piece—or you can leave the coat behind for a professional everyday look. Pencil skirts come in a variety of colors, but you’ll get the most out of a charcoal, black, or brown piece for starters. The best friend of a pencil skirt is a classic pair of pumps, so don’t forget to snatch up a pair to match or add a color “pop” to your new skirt.

Timeless Trench
Outlasting decades of diverse style—yet somehow matching each one—the trench coat is apparently never going out of style. It gives fashionistas a reason to rejoice for winter (unless they’re in a warm climate, then it gives them a reason to be jealous). It’s a coat that goes with everything, and still stands out as a chic piece. The most classic look is the khaki-colored trench, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other hues.

Bootcut Denim Jeans
The decades have done some crazy things to jeans—flaring out the bottoms until you couldn’t see your feet, adding elastic bands to waist (hello, mom jeans!), and most recently tearing them to shreds. If you’re looking for a staple that will always look good and never go out of style, invest in a pair of dark bootcut denim jeans. Beware of bargain jeans—jeans should be viewed as an investment (you’ll wear them a lot more than that off-the-shoulder dress you paid an arm and a leg for), so don’t be afraid to pay more for a great-fitting pair of blues.

Phil Segal is with LAVintage in Los Angeles, a retailer of men’s and women’s wholesale vintage clothing. Vintage clothing includes styles from the 1940′s to 90′s.

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