Gemvara Naked Gems Holiday Sale

Gemvara is a company that offers fine jewelry with a wide range of customization. So, you can select the gems and the settings in order to get the perfect look. Aside from traditional choices, Gemvara also offers a range of more modern fashion pieces. The Gemvara Naked Gems Collection is perfect for that, with choices of gems paired with a simple and clean look.

Gemvara coupon

Gemvara is holding Cyber Monday 2 sale on their Naked Gems on Monday December 5 with 15% off of the Naked Gems collection.  So if you are looking for fine jewelry this holiday season, that is a great sale to check out!

Shop for Naked Gems at Gemvara

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The Price of Paris’ Engagement Ring and The Stuff You Could Buy If You Cashed it In

When Miss Hilton got engaged to fiancé Paris Lastis in 2005, he gave her a 24 carat diamond ring bigger than her head, well almost. It cost almost $5 million dollars, but not even a freakishly sized ring could seal the deal, as they broke up a while later and auctioned the rock off to charity. What a waste (not for charity though)! Here’s what you could buy if you tossed the ring and took the cash instead.

Thailand  beach

1. An island…no really

An island real estate site online lists a few spots that could be yours for less than the price of Paris Hilton’s engagement ring. One of them is called Little Hog Cay and it’s in the Bahamas. Virtually undeveloped, this island paradise has its own giant lagoon, a beachfront home, cabana and two long stretches of white beach set against a lush backdrop – all for under two million dollars.

2. 20 Ferrari California’s

It’s got ‘High Emotions, Low Emissions’, which means it’s kind to the environment and is a pleasure to drive – which is more than Paris Hilton can offer – plus at about $192,000 you can get around 20!

3. 730 nights in the Hilton Waldorf Astoria

Two years stay in the luxurious Hilton owned hotel in the Heart of New York, where a grand suite offers privatised check-in, a marble entry, a dedicated concierge, triple sheeting bedding, internet, flat screens, a marble bath, a boudoir dressing room, maids twice a day and more for around $7000 a night.

4. Your own shopping Mall in California

For just under $5 million you could own your very own retail mall just off of a busy Californian interstate highway, where you could rent space out to all your dream tenants and build your very own shopping Mecca.

5. 70 of the biggest HD TV’s ever

Panasonic’s full HD 3D plasma screens are probably the biggest commercially available in the world at 152 inches. One will set you back about $70 000 dollars, but if you pawned Paris’ ring, you could get 70 of them!

6. 5000 Chihuahua puppies

Rounding it off to an average high cost of $1000 per puppy, from a reputable breeder of course, you could buy Paris Hilton’s favourite pooch 5000 times over, with enough cash for some bling and a lame little handbag to carry it around in.

Warren Kings writes for a diamond engagement rings company. Also check out the other engagement rings they have to offer.

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The Nine Best Classic Jewelry Pieces That Every Woman Should Own

The Best Classic Jewelry Pieces That Every Woman Should Own

While most women have a love of beautiful jewelry, there are a few pieces that are timeless classics. You can find them in slightly differing styles across decades and even centuries, in some cases. These are the best jewelry pieces – those that can be dressed up or down, fitting virtually any occasion, and that every woman should own.

Classic Jewelry


A string of pearls goes with almost anything, whether you need something to go along with a little black dress or a pair of jeans for a girls’ night out. The same goes for a pair of pearl earrings. You don’t have to pay hundreds for nice pearl jewelry, especially if you are on a budget and will be the only one who knows that they aren’t the real thing.


A subtle pendant necklace can be a girl’s best friend. It can be your go-to when nothing else seems to be right, or can become your little trademark. A pretty heart, a delicate symbol that has personal meaning, or any other small pendant on a fine chain can be a lovely addition for any outfit, no matter how dressy or casual it is.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond studs are some of the most classic pieces out there. Whether the genuine article or a less expensive faux set, a pair of diamond earrings is a must for every girl’s jewelry box. A modest set of diamonds can be worn anywhere, while larger and flashier diamond earrings go best with a more glamorous dress.

Cameo Brooch

Cameos have been around for hundreds of years – and for good reason. These pieces of jewelry are classy and time honored. They can be found in quirky, modern designs for women with a unique sense of style, or with the classic profile settings of times past. If you are not one to wear brooches, cameos are also worn as pendants, cuff bracelets, and earrings.

Bangle Bracelets

A bangle bracelet is sexy and fun, bringing a little movement and life to even the dullest outfit. They can be worn one at a time or in groups to create more glitz. Not to mention the gentle clinking that bangles tend to make with every movement.


A locket makes people curious as to what is hidden within. Whether you want a tiny, subtle locket to wear close at your neckline or a larger locket on a long chain, there are hundreds of styles and shapes available today. The current trend is a locket paired with coordinating charms on the same slender chain.

Cocktail Ring

A nice cocktail ring can be a great fashion statement. These are typically oversized and over the top, bringing a bit of glam to a cocktail dresses everywhere. There are many styles and gems to choose from, so there truly is something for everyone.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet can tell your life story. It can reflect your interests, loves, and personality, and can be changed on your whim. There are thousands of charms on the market, with something for anyone, no matter what your bracelet needs. Charm bracelets tend to stay in families, as well, being passed down to daughters and granddaughters to be cherished as an heirloom.

Classic Timepiece

Many women overlook the classic beauty of a nice watch. A beautiful watch is far more than utilitarian – it is a piece of jewelry in its own right. Whether you enjoy a simple bracelet watch with clean lines or a more decorative piece with multiple strands in the band, a watch can serve you for many years while complementing many clothing ensembles.

Shop For Classic Jewelry at Swarovski

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