Womens Shoe Trends For Fall Winter 2012-2013

Thomas Carlyle once said “A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he does it in a devout manner”. Today if we look at the incredible shoe collections from world famous shoe brands, we will see that this saying fits very well today, even after hundreds of years.

There are numerous shoe brands in the market. But as Thomas Carlyle mentioned, most of them are unable to make a pair of shoes “rightly”. However, here are some other Brands which do “rightly” product their shoes as world class brands, working with a devotion for quality, unique, and creative shoes.

Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Brain Atwood and Manolo blanik are some of world’s best shoe brands. The devotion and creativity of these brands shapes up the fall fashion for each season. Here are some of their women’s shoes for fall and winter of 2012-2013.

Survie From Christian Louboutin

The Survie heel depicts the appeal and class of Christian Louboutin. The heel is made of specchio and laminato materials which are specialized materials for the glamorous heels often worn by the celebrities. The addition of wool at the top and stylish laces up from gives the Survie heel a more unique and alluring look.

Louboutin heels with fur

You can wear this amazing heel to parties and other informal day and night event. The price on the Christian Louboutin official site ist €895.


Katima by Jimmy Choo

Yet another fabulous heel of this winter fall 2012-2013 is Katima heel. It is a high class statement heel from Jimmy Choo. This platform heel is covered by a thin polka dot lace on the upfront.

Jimmy Choo Heels Katima

The elegant polka dotted black laces have made this a perfect option for winter parties. You can buy Katima Platform heel for €750.

Katima Heels Jimmy Choo

Tiara Pump in Suede by Louis Vuitton

The Tiara Pump in suede is very classy and glamorous pump shoe for the winter fall 2012-2013. This black pump shoe has a beautiful golden lining on the sides. It is further embellished with a metal heel. Apart from its splendid looks, a padded insole has made it a comfy shoe for this winter. Tiara Pump shoes are priced at $1450.

Louis Vuitton Tiara Pump

Pcdidda By Manolo Blahnik

Over the last few years Manolo Blanknik offered a tremendous shoe collection. The Pcdidda heel is a great addition to their creative work. This heel also has polka dots but in awhite colour, contrasting with the overall black.

Pcdidda Manolo Blahnik

Moreover, the  Pcdidda 4 inch heel is reportably comfortable. You can order Pcdidda heels for $825.

Manolo heel

Fuveau by Brain Atwood

The 5.5 inch Fuveau platform high heel boot is a classical winter shoe from Brain Atwood. This platform high heel can be very comfortable in the extreme cold weather.

Fuveau Brian Atwood

The Fuveau heel is available in white, gold, black suede and leopard colours. It is priced as low as $595.

Atwood heel boot



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Gucci Watches:The Quality, Design And Style That Is Unbeatable

Gucci as all of us know is a world class fashion and leather goods brand. When any good or accessory comes with the Gucci name or logo it is considered as high value item; and why not? The House of Gucci is enabled to maintain their standard in terms of quality, style and variety. There was a time when the Gucci brand was famous for its handbags and sunglasses: but now the case is totally different. Now Gucci is offering any fashion item you can think of; from stylish shoes to dresses and from fragrances to jewelry etc. Here we look at one of the very great collections of Gucci watches called G-Frame collection.
Gucci G-Frame Collection

G-Frame is the latest collection of Gucci watches. This collection features rectangular and square shapes of premium watches. The G-Frame collection is comprised of eight awesome models. These models of G-frame collection differ in their designs, colors, and materials of bangle or strap, dials, and cases.

Gucci watches

The great thing with this collection is that all of the models have 3 ATM water-resistance, Unscratchable Sapphire Crystal and anti reflective coating inside the crystal. Moreover, all of the models have 18 KT yellow Gold. Likewise, with the Gucci G-Frame you can get the entire model with a different bracelet, crystal and dial furnishings.

Here are four of the eight watches in the collection:

(YA127504) model of G-Frame collection has a beautiful and attractive black color dial with 3 diamond made second marks. Moreover, the bracelet and the case of this watch is made of steel. The white crystal bracelet, black dial, and three beautiful diamonds have made this watch very seductive looking.

Gucci G Frame

Gucci G-Frame Quartz Watch (Model YA127505)


Yet another master piece of Gucci’s G-Frame collection is Model YA127505. The bangle of this model has a very unique design. This watch has silver mirror dial with 20 diamonds on the case. Like all other models of G-Frame collection, this particular watch is also available in rectangular and square shapes. You can also get this model-505 with black and brown color dial and bangles variations.

Gucci quartz watch

Gucci G-Frame Quartz Watch (Model YA127510/511/512)


The three models of G-frame collection in 510/511 and 512 have similar shapes and other features. However the models differ in the color of their dials. Model 510 has a brown dial, model-511 has silver dial, while model 512 has black dial. The unique features of these three models is the pattern of their dial which is GG shaped.

Gucci G frame watches



Gucci G-Frame Watch (Model YA127509)

This model is my favorite one. You might say that I love G-Frame-509 because it has 202 diamonds in the dial. Yes, this might be one reason, but the major reason why I like this model is its Teju lizard strap which is very stylish and durable too. Women can get a brown variation of this model.

Gucci diamond watch

About the Author

Khawaja Muhammad Adil is the Owner and main contributor on careNfashion.com. You can catch him on caerNfashion.com to remain up-to-dated on Jewelry, style, clothing, Designer Handbags, and Fall fashion Trends

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Seven Must See London Beauty and Shopping Locations

Traveling to London? It is a wonderful city for shopping and salon services! Check out these seven must see stops for all things in makeup, hair and beauty.

Fenwick London

Photo credit: Screens Project-London Flickr Creative Commons

(1) Fenwick describes itself as the UK’s most exciting department store. Fenwick began as a hair accessories boutique, and is now a full department store featuring luxury goods. It is an especially good stop for shoes, handbags, and exclusive cosmetic lines. For luxury shopping at it best, make it a stop on your beauty and fashion shopping tour.

(2) Harrods is another top department store worthy of any shopping trip experience. With seven floors of luxury goods, you could spend all day, and easily spend a small fortune in one location. This is the go-to place for all of the top luxury brands.

(3) Need a new cut or style? When it comes to finding hairdressers in London, there are many great ones to choose from. From celebrity and television favorite Andrew Barton to Daniel Hersheson, a favorite of Vogue staffers, you can find a top notch cut or style for your days and nights out visiting the city. Some salons also use salon appointment software for easy scheduling, or simply ring them up and book your appointment.

(4) Check out Spa London for good values with a full menu of services. This full service spa offers everything from standard treatments to pools and steam rooms.  With its extensive selection of items, it is a great choice if you want to be able to get a variety of services or just plain can’t decide what you want. There is something there for everyone.

(5) As  a runner up to Spa London, if you likes pools and baths, try the Porchester Spa, which also offers affordable basic services and a great selection of pools and baths. This is the perfect place for all of you Turkish bath lovers, but you can also get an affordable massage while you are there too.

Fingernail Art

(6) Get chic nail art done at the trendy WAH Nails salon. The salon specializes in nail art and, with locations in TopShop stores, they are easy to find and are also affordable. Indeed, some credit WAH with making nail art into the current trend that it is today. While at TopShop, also do some shopping for affordable and highly on-trend clothes.

(7) Boots on Oxford Street is a must do affordable beauty stop in London. this large store is perfect for stocking up on all of your favorite Boots skin care items and cosmetics. Aside from their own line of products, Boots sells the popular Models Own nail polish line and the truly wonderful Soap and Glory line of skin and bath products. I particularly love Soap and Glory hand cream!


Disclosure: This is an advertorial.

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