The Rules of Sporting Sneakers

Twenty years ago and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The rules of sneakers were pretty simple; the moment you hit sixteen, leave them on the basketball courts. They were for sports and the fashionably impaired.

Then, Chuck Naylor’s started rearing their heads around shopping districts. Actresses were donning the Vans under a pair of rolled-up chinos while they sauntered around Beverly Hills. Suddenly, sneakers were everywhere.

That’s not to say that sporting sneakers is a free-for-all. There are still some do’s and don’ts that you might want to consider before stepping out in your new Nike Air Max’s with a black pencil skirt. Just, no.

Jeans and sneakers


Baby steps, people, baby steps. Jeans are bar-none the easiest way to wear sneakers. It’s time-tested, easy-going and comfortable.

To stand out, you’ll want to have a game plan. Jeans are a good excuse to flash the ‘big’ shoes; we’re talking blazer suedes, concealed heels and high tops. You also have a little more free reign with colours, since jeans aren’t particularly risqué. Try experimenting with electric pinks and purples, maybe throw a little green into the mix.

Alternatively, you can sport some low cut sneakers as long as it’s emphasised. DO crop and roll – show off those ankles. This looks even better if you’re displaying a suave pair of pastel jeans or bright chinos.


Leggings are a little more tricky. Big shoes work even better than they do with jeans, if they’re done well. Currently trending are disguised wedge shoes, which nicely complement some darker leggings; think grays and blacks.

Converse offer a nice punky style along with a pair of black leggings, while Vans look sweet sockless complimenting a patterned design. The important thing to remember is that leggings work as a centrepiece of the outfit, so keep the sneakers simply duochrome, soft tones – ultimately, a classic style.

Lovely schoolgirl in full length

Dresses & Skirts

Now for the grand finale. Sneakers with dresses have recently become pretty huge, but doing it well is a skill one must practice to master.

The good news is that dresses and skirts is your opportunity to really go to town on the ‘Sky Hi’ wedges sneakers, giving you a height boost and some serious leg definition for summer. A pair of cream Nike Dunks look amazing with a light floral dress, for example, finished with a cropped denim jacket. Keds and Vans look great too, for something a little more casual.

With summer being tough at the best of times – battling allergies and coming to terms with having your arms and legs visible nearly all of the time – it’s good to know that there is a comfortable way of making ourselves look great. Get in on this!


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Why You Should Consider a Custom Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the options are seemingly limitless. She can choose rings from all different designers, in all different styles, and from all different periods. But when you get down to it, you really have two main choices:

  1. You can buy an off-the-shelf engagement ring


  1. You can get a custom designed engagement ring


While there is certainly nothing wrong with buying a ring out of the case at your local jewelry store or online (there are many gorgeous designer engagement rings), there are a lot of great advantages to getting a custom engagement ring.

  • She’ll get a ring that no one else has—Your girl is one of a kind. Doesn’t it make sense to give her a ring that’s just as unique as she is? Your special lady will love knowing that she has a ring no one else in the world has. Whenever someone compliments her on her ring or asks her where it’s from, she’ll be able to proudly tell them it’s a custom made ring.
  • You can tailor the ring to fit her style—No two girls are alike. Every girl has her own sense of style, and each one has her own likes and dislikes when it comes to engagement rings. It’s possible that your lady might not like the rings she sees at the typical jewelry store. They might not quite fit her style. By custom designing her engagement ring, you can ensure she gets a ring that perfectly suits her style and personality.
  • You can also tailor the ring to fit your budget—Let’s be honest, buying an engagement ring is a really big purchase. Most guys spend at least a couple months’ salary on an engagement ring. And with times being tough, money is tight and most of us are paying close attention to our budgets. When you custom design an engagement ring, you have the ability to choose different grades of diamonds and different bands to make the ring fit within your budget.
  • You can let your creativity shine through in the design—If you’re the creative type, building a custom engagement ring should be right up your alley. Let your creativity and inspiration guide the design of the engagement ring, so you can give your love something truly special and unique.
  • You can add a personal touch to the ring—Finally, building a custom engagement ring gives you the chance to add that special personal touch to the ring. For example, some guys have integrated diamonds or precious stones that were handed down to them from their family into the engagement ring to create a piece of jewelry that has extra sentimental value.


There are a lot of really great reasons to consider choosing a custom engagement ring. Thankfully, some of the best jewelry sites have features that make it easy for you to build your very own engagement ring from scratch. You could even involve your lady in the process!

Author Byline

Article written by, an online jewelry site where you can buy designer ring by Verragio, Ritani, Vatche, Leon Mege and many other.


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Be Chic And Stylish With Michael Stars Clothing

Being a woman who’s always on the go, you need to wear comfortable clothes and always fits in any types of occasions. If you are leaving in urban cities, you need to wear something soft, fresh and cottony fabrics. Thus, to obtain this kind of materials for your desired clothes, Michaels Stars clothing is the best trademark to choose.

Michael Stars clothing is the pioneer of contemporary casual outfits. It has a wide variety collection of tees, cardigans, dresses, sweaters and jackets. The fabrics used are shine, supima cotton, supima modal, supima thermal, micro jersey and slub jersey. This clothing line made every woman feels luxurious yet affordable, chic, stylish and effortless to look great.

Michael Stars clothing

For women who loves to look classy but with a modern twist, you may like their novelty tees collection which are tie-dyed. These tops are perfect match for skinny jeans as well as casual shorts. It can be worn as an office outfit or even going to the beach. Scoop tank tops and racer back tanks are also ideal for office wear and just layer it with blazers or cardigans to make it formal attire; however, it is best for women who have active daily routines and sports activities.

Crop tops and camisoles of Michael stars are also trendy and timeless wherein you can choose a lot of pastel colors to make you look sweet and refreshing. Of course, you must wear clothes that are appropriate for windy and cold weather. Sweatshirts never go out of style and its seasonal colors are excellent for easy layering. It is a great outfit if you are meeting somebody or business clients as well. You can also match it accessories like scarves or necklace.

And who says stripes are gone? Striped shirts are all-time favorite attire. ¾ sleeves and long sleeve striped tees are also perfect from formal to casual events. You can choose style from tie-dyed, boat neck, wide neck to graphite design tees. Other available Michael Stars clothes which you might like are tunics, turtlenecks, shoulder pullover tees, relaxed tees and many more. The great thing is, prices are very much affordable and sometimes on sale.

Disclosure: This is an advertorial.

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