Sears Fashion Shopping Finds

At one time in my life, Sears was a regular shopping destination for its good selection of fashionable items at equally good prices. But over the years, my trips to Sears morphed into trips for things like household appliances or tires over fashion. So, it was rather fun recently to take a fashion shopping field trip down to the local Sears store to see what sort of outfit I could put together for around $75.

Sears is still doing quite a nice job in terms of providing fashionable items, both in terms of the latest trends and in terms of more classic items. For those who want to keep up with trends, the UK Style by French Connection collection and the Kardashian Kollection each has some nice items. Interestingly, I was not all that interested in the Kardashian Kollection when I first saw online photos from it, probably because what I initially saw were animal prints, and that just doesn’t mesh with my personal style. But when I saw the collection in person, I found myself leaning heavily toward it for items to try on.  It includes a number of pretty light gray items, a color I tend to prefer, and it also has a good number of basics that have interesting touches, such a cut outs on the sleeves, a lace backed shirt, rivets added to skirts and so on.

I picked up two outfits, one to feature here and another for Beauty and Fashion Tech. For the most part, the items I purchased were also on sale. The outfit below consists of A Kardashian Kollection skirt ($29.99), Kardashian Kollection shirt with interesting buckles at the shoulder ($24.99), and Apostrophe footless tights ($7.00), for a total of around $62. I then tossed in a bit of a splurge and added a necklace from the Kardashian Kollection ($19.60) on top of it.



Each item in this outfit will also work well with other clothing items I already own. For example the top can be paired easily with jeans, and the skirt would look nice with boots and just about any top. I could have just as easily worn the skirt without the tights as well. The items also match well with my purchases for Beauty and Fashion Tech, in part because I focused quite a bit on the Kardashian Kollection, which is a nicely cohesive collection that makes putting together outfits quite easy. The collection also includes a nice selection of lingerie, handbags, and shoes.

On the whole, it was rather fun to go rediscover Sears. I am quite sure I will return to shopping for fashion there much more often, which is certainly more fun than cruising the appliance section! If you haven’t seen what Sears has to offer lately and want some fashion bargains, drop in and take a look. I think you will be happy with what you find.

Disclosures: I was provided a Sears gift card through Glam Media in order to complete the purchases for this post. No monetary compensation was provided by Sears or Glam Media for this post. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sears

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5 Holiday Makeup Tips for a Party-Perfect Look

‘Tis the season to look fabulous. You’ve chosen the perfect festive outfit and accessories. Now you need the right makeup to finish off your look. These holiday makeup tips will make sure your face is just as beautiful as your ensemble, so get ready to party the night away!

holiday makeup look

1 – Choose a focal point - Before applying any makeup, decide which area of your face will be your focal point. Most women opt for either the eyes or the lips. You don’t want different parts competing for attention, so pick the facial area you like the best.

2 – Smoky eyes are where it’s at - If you’ve chosen to play your eyes up to maximum effect, a smoky eye look is always dramatic and sexy. You don’t have to go with basic black, either — deep violet, charcoal grey and even a rich, chocolate brown can all create a smoldering eye look that complements your eye color. Brown-eyed women may want to showcase their eyes with violet shades, while other women can create knockout baby blues with charcoal grey. Green and hazel eyes will pop with plenty of deep brown color.

3 – Play with lashes - Now is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to eyelashes. Either use a mascara that promises thicker, longer lashes or go for fake ones. Today’s false lashes have come a long way, so application is a breeze. Place lashes only at the corners of your lids for a cat’s eye, come-hither look. You may also want to wear lashes with shiny gemstones embedded on them — you’ll have enviably full lashes and instant sparkle!

4 – Go metallic - If you avoid shine in your daily makeup, the holidays are the perfect time to shine and shine big. Metallic eye shadow, blush and lipstick can all add the right amount of glam; just don’t wear them all at once. Place an icy metallic shadow under your brow-bone as a highlight, or dab just a bit of metallic blush on the top of your cheekbones to make them stand out in a big way. Women with warm complexions will look fabulous in metallics that contain hints of peach, bronze and orange, while cool complexions will shine in silver, blue and lavender metallic makeup.

5 – Glossy lips rule - Create a gorgeous party-ready pout with glossy lip colors. Red, rose and pale pink are all great selections. Forget matte formulas; instead, go for moisturizing colors that last all night. Top with a coat of clear gloss and your lips will be irresistibly kissable.

Use these helpful hints the next time you’re headed to a holiday happening, and create a knockout look that’s the talk of the party!

Shop for the best in holiday makeup and fashion at Nordstrom

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Finding The Finest Silver

For thousands of years silver has been part of human civilization around the world. Not only used as jewelry, but kitchenware, weaponry, money and furnishings. Over the centuries, silver has been adapted and changed to suit many different purposes, as well as denoting its regional origins.

silver necklace

Because of these variations, silver grading is essential to identify the various standards that have been in use over the years. As with other precious metals such as gold and platinum, the quality of silver alloy is measured in millesimal fineness. This indicates the percentage of purity in the metal; for example, sterling silver has a millesimal fineness of 925, because it is 92.5% pure silver, with the remaining percentage made up of other metals and impurities.

Here’s a list of some of the various grades of silver, with a little bit of background:

  • 999.9 silver: the purest silver bullion, and used to make the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf – a silver coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint every February.
  • 999 silver: used in silver bullion, this is the closest pure silver available on the open market. Originally used in commerce, 999 silver bullion is now more frequently purchased by collectors or acquired for industrial uses.
  • 980 silver: Back in the 1930′s and 40′s, Mexico experienced something of a boom thanks to the discovery of a rich vein of silver. This silver had only the most minimal impurities, creating the beginnings of a thriving jewelry industry for the country.
  • 958 silver: Also known as Britannia silver, 958 silver was introduced by William III in 1697. Designed as a replacement for 925 Sterling silver, it was far more malleable, making Britannia silver easier to work with. Sterling silver began to re-emerge in the early 1700′s, diminishing Britannia silvers use considerably.
  • 950 silver – 950 silver also goes by the name French 1st Standard. Its purity means that it is still rather too soft for many other purposes than jewelry making and will tarnish easier than Sterling silver.
  • 925 silver – Still a little too soft for industrial and functional use, 925 Sterling silver is often alloyed with copper, although other metals can be used to improve lustre. Primarily used to make 925 silver jewellery, this alloy is perfect for creating stunning pieces of incredible intricacy.
  • 900 silver – While the hallmark for 900 silver is a European standard, it is also known as Coin silver in the US. With a higher level of impurity, this silver is ideal for use in jewelry and coinage, although in North America, the latter used much less silver after the mid-60s.

There are more grades, including 875, 830 and 800 silver. Each of these silver grades have a higher level of impurity, improving the hardness and functionality of the metal. While they have their purposes, it is the fineness of silver that attracts us. There’s an elegance and tastefulness to the look of silver, especially when used to create stunning jewelry.

Parriss Jewellers brings a range of stunning silver and gold jewelry, featuring precious stones and gems for men, women and children.

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