Why You Should Consider a Custom Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the options are seemingly limitless. She can choose rings from all different designers, in all different styles, and from all different periods. But when you get down to it, you really have two main choices:

  1. You can buy an off-the-shelf engagement ring


  1. You can get a custom designed engagement ring


While there is certainly nothing wrong with buying a ring out of the case at your local jewelry store or online (there are many gorgeous designer engagement rings), there are a lot of great advantages to getting a custom engagement ring.

  • She’ll get a ring that no one else has—Your girl is one of a kind. Doesn’t it make sense to give her a ring that’s just as unique as she is? Your special lady will love knowing that she has a ring no one else in the world has. Whenever someone compliments her on her ring or asks her where it’s from, she’ll be able to proudly tell them it’s a custom made ring.
  • You can tailor the ring to fit her style—No two girls are alike. Every girl has her own sense of style, and each one has her own likes and dislikes when it comes to engagement rings. It’s possible that your lady might not like the rings she sees at the typical jewelry store. They might not quite fit her style. By custom designing her engagement ring, you can ensure she gets a ring that perfectly suits her style and personality.
  • You can also tailor the ring to fit your budget—Let’s be honest, buying an engagement ring is a really big purchase. Most guys spend at least a couple months’ salary on an engagement ring. And with times being tough, money is tight and most of us are paying close attention to our budgets. When you custom design an engagement ring, you have the ability to choose different grades of diamonds and different bands to make the ring fit within your budget.
  • You can let your creativity shine through in the design—If you’re the creative type, building a custom engagement ring should be right up your alley. Let your creativity and inspiration guide the design of the engagement ring, so you can give your love something truly special and unique.
  • You can add a personal touch to the ring—Finally, building a custom engagement ring gives you the chance to add that special personal touch to the ring. For example, some guys have integrated diamonds or precious stones that were handed down to them from their family into the engagement ring to create a piece of jewelry that has extra sentimental value.


There are a lot of really great reasons to consider choosing a custom engagement ring. Thankfully, some of the best jewelry sites have features that make it easy for you to build your very own engagement ring from scratch. You could even involve your lady in the process!

Author Byline

Article written by Whiteflash.com, an online jewelry site where you can buy designer ring by Verragio, Ritani, Vatche, Leon Mege and many other.


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Three Awesome Eco-Friendly Jewelry Manufacturers

Most people know how to live a more eco-friendly life. They drive eco-friendly cars, install eco-friendly appliances in their home and purchase eco-friendly household products. Some people don’t realize that they can also accessorize in an eco-friendly fashion. From clothes to jewelry, there are plenty of eco-friendly items on the market today, and some of them don’t cost any more money than non eco-friendly jewelry. The following are three jewelry manufacturers that are eco-friendly.

Green Karat

GreenKarat’s mission is to protect the planet while creating eco-friendly jewelry. The company started by first finding an eco-gold supply, and now they offer fine jewelry that is eco-friendly, including engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry gifts. Each piece is custom created to your specific order and handmade in both Canada and the United States. Not only do they use eco-friendly products in all of their jewelry, they also provide their customers with full disclosure as to what materials were used and where they came from.

Green Oro

GreenOro was started in 1972, and in 2002, they went completely green. They create custom designs too. You can simply send them a picture of what you want, and they’ll create it for you—all while staying eco-friendly. Every product made by Green Oro is 100% recycled jewelry.

They have a GreenBoxprogram in which they ask members to send in their broken or unused jewelry, and Green Oro will use it to create new jewelry items. Members will get a store credit for the items they sent in, or they can request that it be turned into a new piece of jewelry. By using only recycled gold, Green Oro is eliminating the wear and tear on the planet during excavations.


MiaDonna is another company that focuses on creating eco-friendly jewelry. They have received the Green America seal of approval, which means that apply high standards in environmental sustainability. MiaDonna uses innovative technology to create manmade diamonds and gems, eliminating the need for mining. Their jewelry also uses eco-friendly gold, platinum or palladium.

Along with their jewelry, all of MiaDonna’s packaging is made from stone fiber. This is a paperless bag, which contains no chemical bleaching or toxic gas emissions during production. They also offer their own brand of jewelry cleaner, which is a non-toxic solution that is environmentally safe and comes in an eco-friendly container.

MiaDonna takes their love for eco-friendly beyond their products. The head MiaDonna offices uses wind energy, and since water is heavily used to create their products, they also have a water recycling system. Anything they print is done on recycled paper using soy inks, and every product is made in the United States.

If you’re dedicated to being eco-friendly, and if you have a love for jewelry, you may want to check out these jewelry manufacturers the next time you want to make a jewelry purchase. Not only will you look good, but you’ll be helping the planet too.

Photo credit: Lea

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Change Family Heirlooms into Trendy Fashion Pieces

Passed down from generation to generation in your family, heirlooms have sentimental and historical value. They remind you about past family members who you may have never met and the type of influence they had on the entire family that shaped who you are today.

antique pocket watch

Family heirlooms are slowly making their way into the latest fashion trends. Instead of having that heirloom stuffed in a box in the attic as it gathers dust, why not incorporate it into what you’re wearing today? It gives new life to your heirloom, shows how much you honor and care about your family and adds eye-popping appeal to your clothing.

What’s Considered A Family Heirloom?

A family heirloom is anything that’s been saved by an ancestor as it’s passed down from parent to child for generations. The item can be handmade or have a unique quality the ancestor believed could be of monetary value in future years. Common types of heirlooms include:

· Coins: rare coins no longer minted, silver coins, gold coins, collector’s coins

· Jewelry: pendants, brooches, gemstones, necklaces, cameos, wedding and engagement rings, religious jewelry such as rosaries and Jesus fish

· Photographs: family photos, war photos, special event photos

· Letters and Documents: love letters, official government documents, long-distance letters, war documents, maps, manuscripts

· Clothing and Fabric: handcrafted quilts, Oriental rugs, wedding dresses, drapery, knitted scarves, crocheted crafts

Types of Heirlooms Used For Fashion Statements

vintage pearls


Jewelry is the most common family heirloom used as a fashion statement. Often, you only have to change the jewelry’s setting if it’s tarnished or broken. You can easily change a ring into a necklace, a pendant into a ring and a brooch into a hairpin.

By removing gems from jewelry, you can have them placed into the new metal setting of your choice. You can also take metal jewelry such as a Jesus fish and place it into a brooch to make a trendy fashion statement.


Ever thought of replacing those missing buttons on your jacket with small coins? Coins can be added as decorations on purses or as cuff buttons on men’s shirts. Coins can also be used as jewelry accessories like brooches and pendants.

To mount coins on fabric, the best way is to create holes through the surface and sew the coin in place. Carefully decide on which coins you want changed as not to ruin those that have a monetary value.

Fabric and Clothing

If you have the sewing skills and the time, you can take old family heirlooms of fabric and clothing and change them into fashionable dresses and shirts. The latest fashion trends of the season are bold colors, pastels and crochet pieces. Quilts, crocheted shirts and wedding gowns that were family heirlooms can be combined with vivid fabrics to make unique casual and eveningwear.

Before Changing Family Heirlooms into Fashion Statements

You’re probably now excited to dig through those boxes in your grandmother’s attic to find family heirlooms and change them into unique fashion statements. But before you do this, make sure other family members are fine with the planned changes you’ll make. Resentment and hard feelings can last a lifetime when people squabble over family heirlooms, so get the okay from everyone first.

You’ll also need to find out if the items have any monetary value. Jewelry and coins can become devalued if the settings are changed or the surface is marked. Contact a reputable jeweler or coin appraiser to study the item to determine its value.

Make a Trendy Appearance

Giving new life to a family heirloom can honor the memories of loved ones who are no longer with you. These heirlooms are to be enjoyed by family members, not sit in a box gathering dust. If you can change a family heirloom so it can bring happiness to yourself and to future family members, making the heirloom into a fashion statement is a worthy endeavor.

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