What Your Hat Says About You

There is a load of science out there that puts forward theories on what different hats do for the wearer and those that they interact with. And for the purposes of this article that research has been considered but tends to lean more to the personal and anecdotal in terms of what your hat says about you…

Baseball Cap

ball cap fashion

The mighty baseball cap is a fashion accessory the world over, though wearing it still might mean you’re playing baseball. However this is unlikely to be the case. Their ubiquity began in the world of sports, but rapidly spread into casual day wear and the world of marketing. What does it day about you? You’re either really into sports, been involved in a marketing campaign or couldn’t be bothered to comb your hair this morning.


Beany fashion

The slackers favourite. More often than not the beany hat is covering a lot of hair that needs a cut or takes time to condition, time the owner doesn’t have, hence the coverall beany option. It’s been given plenty of kudos in the past with hipsters such as Johnny Depp donning it. It’s all about laid back cool.


Fashion Beret

Wearing a beret probably means you’re a film student who has seen too many French films. Or you’re my girlfriend’s dad doing the gardening… I think, to be honest, he’s probably an exception to general beret wearing trends. The beret, if you can pull it off, is style gold.

Bowler Hat

fashion bowler hat

It’s likely if you wear a bowler hat your bonuses are bigger than the salaries of most. Or you are one half of Thomson and Thompson from the Adventures of Tintin. It might also mean you’ve watched way too much Clockwork Orange.


deer stalker hat

It might be mostly about a love of tweed and keeping your ears warm, but all anyone things when they see someone in a deer stalker is Sherlock Holmes. Which right now is super cool, so good work you and your logical reasoning capabilities.

Flat Cap

flat cap fashion

Once the preserve of farmers the flat cap has had a renaissance in recent years and now demonstrates that the wearer, while clearly a city fellow has leanings to the country. Most likely that he hails from the Home Counties and that his parents own a Labrador.

Hard Hat

hard hat

This demonstrates that you’re a builder and take health and safety seriously. Obvious I’d have thought.


Did you know that there is science and reason around the different crease styles of a Stetson? No? Well there is. For example a Cattleman Crease was worn originally by ranch owners and it indicated wealth while accentuating the jaw line, very macho. However, wearing a Stetson today basically demonstrates you want to be a cowboy or a Texan.

Straw Hat

straw hat

Casual, but stylish. Straw hats are for lazing about and keeping the sun off. You’re probably planning to make it to a music festival in the immediate future or spend the afternoon skimming stones in the brook.


ushanka fashion

This a Russian hat for those unsure. Which means you’re either concerned about having a cold head or you’re a communist. Maybe both?

Right I’m off to sort out the crease in my Stetson; I think I’m going to go with a Pinch Front.

Despite being a communist and concerned about having a cold head Jerry Bond tends to wear a beany on his walk to work at Find Me A Gift towers, the home of the gift ideas people.

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