The Strongest Women In Fashion

In one of the most lucrative markets in the world, fashion is something that is open to inspiration by our own personal identity. The following celebrities and public figures have made their mark in the industry in various ways, and we explore how.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City actress SJP has worn some stunning outfits on the programme in her role as Carrie Bradshaw. The show, which lasted for six seasons and spanned two films, is still incredibly popular and influences from Carrie Bradshaw are often mimicked in fashion.

Carrie’s most famous outfits on the show and films include that newspaper print Dior by Galliano dress and the oversized corsage dress (both pictured below). SJP chose her favourite outfit which was the outfit her character Carrie wore at the end of the last series whilst in Paris; an outfit which incorporated a cream blazer, mint green cami top and midi-length mint tutu.

SJP has built upon her HBO character’s fashion successes and is often spotted on the red carpet wearing some of the world’s finest designers. In 2011, she was voted number 45 on the Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Women.

Michelle Obama

The First Lady is a great example of a modern style symbol, bringing together elegant tailoring and traditional suits with a modern twist. In 2011, she was voted 1st on the 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes.

Michelle Obama has wowed the world with her charisma, support of her President husband and family, and her warm heart. Her fashion hits include this Liz Claibone full-skirted dress in bright orange hue, and this stunning floor length black glitter dress finished with rows of pearls at the White House in 2011.

Michelle Obama proves that women can rock both the fashion and the politics world at the same time!

Anna Wintour

You’d think after 12 years of being Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief you’d have a great sense of style and eye for detail… and that’s exactly what Anna Wintour has. Her sophisticated yet modern look makes her second to none in the style stakes and she is known for her classic bob and dark sunglasses combination, fur coats and love for John Galliano, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang to name a few.

Wintour is the most powerful woman in fashion, and the reasons are obvious.

The aforementioned women all have made their mark as powerful women, and whilst fashion doesn’t rule the world, these women prove that fashion and power can go hand-in-hand.

Amy writes for Direct Sight about eyewear trends. She enjoys keeping up with the latest fashions and regularly comments on celeb fashion.

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8 Celebrities Who Won the Battle Against Cancer

Cancer is a group of illnesses characterized by proliferation and growth of abnormal cells. Both internal and external factors influence the development of cancer, and if left untreated, can lead to death. According to, about 1,500 people are expected to die every day. Although the statistics are depressing, you will be glad to know that 12 million people, including famous celebrities, have won the battle against the big C. Here are 8 stars who successfully beaten their deadly cancers:

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osborne purchased via © Hotshotsworldwide |

Sharon Osbourne, wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, recently won the battle against colon cancer. The judge of “America’s got talent” and one-time participant of “Celebrity apprentice” credits her family’s support throughout her ordeal. She says in her interview with that she had three kids to raise. She added, “I was determined that my work as a parent wasn’t done.”

Apart from having a better lease in life, Osbourne owes her “strength” to having escaped the claws of colon cancer. She says it has made her more grounded, and thankful that she’s able to do what she wants to do.

Michael Douglas

Renowned Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has also triumphed from stage 4 throat cancer. His 6-month battle was grueling as he had lost 32 pounds, but he feels “good and relieved” that he is now cancer-free.

Although he has to undergo return check-ups to see if the tumor has recurred, he has his hopes up. He says in his interview with “(From) what I know about this particular type of cancer, I’ve got it beat.”

Suzanne Sommers

In 2000, actress Suzanne Sommers, who become famous in the show “Three’s company” as Chrissy Snow, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout her cancer battle, she underwent radiation therapy and lumpectomy, which have left her breasts uneven.

Despite the physical disfigurement she suffered from breast cancer, she remains optimistic. Recently, she underwent an experimental breast reconstruction surgery which involved the use of stomach fat and stem cells.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, a seasoned Tour de France veteran, lived an active lifestyle, so the world was surprised when he was diagnosed with stage 3 Testicular Cancer at age 25. Although with early diagnosis, testicular diagnosis can be cured, it was too late for Armstrong, whose cancer has metastasized to his lungs, abdomen and brain.

From October to December 1996, he underwent chemotherapy with the use of drugs as Cisplatin, Ifosfamide, and Etoposide. He won, and now continues to participate in several cycling races.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue purchased via © Hotshotsworldwide |

Kylie Minogue is a famous Australian pop star, and her songs are just as famous with her triumphant battle against breast cancer. In 2005, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy the same year.

Several sessions after, she was declared cancer-free. To cope up with her weight loss, he sought the help of Dr. Nitish Joshi, who counseled her regarding proper diet to regain her sexy figure back.

Kathy Bates

In 2003, noted actress Kathy Bates was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She decided to keep her battle with the Big C for 5 years, until she went public in 2009. In her interview with the Today show, she underwent chemotherapy solitarily, and avoided going to treatments with her friends.

She decided to share the importance of early detection in curing cancer by filming a public announcement. She added, “’I’ve decided to share my story and maybe help other women, because early detection is the key in this kind of cancer. It saved my life.”

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon is a TV and movie actress famous for her role in the HBO series, “Sex and the City.” In 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She made her cancer battle private as she underwent lumpectomy and radiation therapy to get rid of her ailment. Now, she’s as fierce as ever, having survived breast cancer just like her mom. Her triumph over cancer changed her life, and now she acts as an ambassador for the breast cancer foundation, Susan G. Komen for the cure.

Melanie Griffith

In 2009, actress Melanie Griffith, wife of Antonio Banderas, was diagnosed with skin cancer. In her attempt to cure her illness, she underwent surgery to remove the cancerous growth on her face.  The surgery was a success; however, it left a mark similar to a black eye on Melanie’s face. Because of this, rumors flew, until she talked about her cancer and her surgery. Melanie’s story is proof that cancer can be cured if the signs are detected early on.

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