Get Started on Your Wardrobe Early – What to Wear This Summer

With new fashions for this year rolling in, it’s time for you to consider a wardrobe makeover. Before you start though, you need to know what is hot and what is not in the coming year. So, here is a guide on what you can pick if you are looking for some nice trendy things to wear this summer.

Spice Trail

If you are looking for something beautiful and somewhat formal, you can pick up these blends of metal and embroidery over exquisite colors. If you are bold enough to carry them off, vibrant people will compliment your style since these colors are going to be the talk of the town. Lame, sequins, jacquards and a variety of other materials scream summer. So, pick something from this collection and look completely chic.

Formal dress

From: Nordstrom

Go Back In Time

The 90’s is the era fashion circles will be redoing this year, making them the perfect choice for your summer wardrobe. Look for geometric designs, cabana stripes, A-line dresses, and cropped tops. Also, consider multicolor palettes that create elegant contrasts together. Taking advantage of the simple cuts that were popular back then, new retro-chic dresses will surely transport you back into time.

Pink suit

From: Neiman Marcus

Patterns and Safaris Prints

One of the most noticeable changes in fashion circles today is the introduction of patterns and prints. From floral prints to checks and stripes, you can find a variety of patterns that will look great on you regardless of your body shape and size. Safari suits are also something making an entry in the fashion market this year. From chic shorts to enticing dresses, you can find a lot of summer apparel designed around the Safari theme. However, stick to one piece at a time to avoid looking too exotic while moving around the town.

safari print

From: Neiman Marcus

With these three exclusive suggestions, you now have something to think about before you go looking for dresses to wear in the summer of 2014. Once you have decided which of the three new styles – patterns, safaris and retro designs – suits you best, get your credit card ready to go shopping for the warm season.

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