Beauty Tips For Tackling Allergy Face

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zyrtec. All opinions are 100% mine.

Allergies can leave you miserable and looking less than your best, but they don't have to. I get seasonal allergies every year and I tackle them with Zyrtec, which makes me feel better. Now Zyrtec is providing a neat infographic and video to help you look better too! 

So, you know the symptoms of Allergy Face right? Puffy eyes, red nose, etc? Here is an infographic from Zyrtec with some great materal on allergies and how to beat allergy face. I had no idea that just so many women deal with allergies and think that they can't cover up Allergy Face!

For more beauty tips, check out this great video. There are some excellent tips in this, including some neat concealer tricks that you can try to lessen the look of puffy eyes,

When I have allergies I also do the following to help beat Allergy Face:

(1) I use easy to apply cream cosmetics. Look for soft cream items, not hard pan items. That way you will not be irritated by pushing and pulling of the skin when you apply your makeup. Creams also make the skin look more radiant and moist.

(2) I stick with neutral shades. Remember the less is more tip from the video? I believe that is a tip to live by anytime that you are not looking your best!

(3) I like to play up my lips a bit. Keeping the rest of the face understated but adding a pop of lip color draws attention away from the eyes.

What are your beauty tips for beating Allergy Face? Share them in the comments!

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