Summer Waterproof Mascara

Summer time means fun in the sun, but the heat and humidity that makes being outdoors so pleasant can do a number on your makeup routine. Avoid this by choosing waterproof varieties that will help your makeup stay where it belongs, on your face.


Summer or not, who wants to go outside without mascara? A staple of makeup regimens everywhere, picking the wrong mascara in summer can quickly lead to tired-looking or raccoon eyes. A lash primer is the beginning of stay-put eyes; most are formulated with conditioning emollients that not only hold your mascara in place, but also help prevent lash loss in the application process. Waterproof mascara is a built to stay on, so it can be a bit thicker in drying, so a primer helps to achieve a smudge-proof application. Along those same lines, a waterproof primer can be applied to the entire eye, lid and lashes, to keep sweat or water from sliding the pigment right off your eyes. Primers are a great starting point for any facial location; they provide stability and moisture simultaneously.

Picking the right summer mascara for your properly primed face can be a challenge. Since they’re built to last they can also be harsh for sensitive skin, so be choosy. Good places to check are the product’s reviews on the retailer’s website. Reactions to sensitive skin are usually the first thing makeup fans want to avoid, so it is typically the most popular topic of online reviews. Makeup fans love consistency, and if you are particularly fond of a specific non-waterproof mascara, chances are good that there is a waterproof version that will suit your face just fine. Tarte Cosmetics has excellent examples of both.

Lastly, being built to stay also means eye makeup can be tougher to remove. A good remover specifically formulated for your eyes is a necessity to any makeup bag. Picking this will often be a matter of what your skin type prefers. Look for something that doesn’t leave behind an oily residue, that doesn’t irritate your sensitive eye areas, and that provides hydration in the removal process.

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