Lancome Rouge in Love: Rouge Valentine Review

Red is one of the most timeless, classic shades of lipstick a woman can wear. The tricky part, for me at least, is finding the right shade. I’ve tried so many different brands and shades, always walking away feeling a bit like Goldilocks at the makeup counter, “This is too orange. This is too dark,” but never finding my “this is just right!” That was until I tried Lancome’s Rouge in Love High-Potency lip color in Rouge Valentine.

Lancome Rouge in Love

For the sake of full disclosure, I must admit that what attracted me to the Rouge in Love line of Lancome lip color was the absolutely gorgeous tube. One glance and I was instantly imagining that this was the kind of lipstick Marilyn Monroe carried around in her handbag. After looking at the various shades of red the line offers, I was immediately drawn to the Rouge Valentine shade. (Even the name exudes romance and glamour!) In the tube, Rouge Valentine is a true, pure red. Something told me to take a chance. “This is your red lipstick,” my heart said.

The first time I applied it, I could tell this was an amazing product. It felt like satin and glided on so smoothly, without any of the stickiness or caking that you sometimes get with highly-pigmented lipsticks. It actually felt like it was moisturizing and conditioning my lips!

Lancome Rouge Valentine

Now for the most important part: the color. I was completely blown away. This shade flattered my complexion in a way that I rarely find in any shade of lipstick, let alone a red! It wears like a classic red, with just the faintest pink undertone. It has a definite color payoff, leaving no need for multiple coats, and has a slight, dewy sheen. Best of all, it has staying power. I wore this shade for hours without reapplying. Even when it had faded, it looked like a beautiful pink lip-stain, unlike the dreaded “ring” I’ve gotten from bold shades in the past. Another thing that sets Rouge Valentine apart from other reds is that I didn’t have any feathering. I didn’t apply lip-liner before applying the lipstick, and I quickly found I wouldn’t need to. My only tip? As with any high-pigment shade, apply carefully to avoid staining the skin.

Long story short, I LOVE Lancome’s Rouge in Love: Rouge Valentine shade. Shop for it here.

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  1. Love this shade! Who’s the model? She looks a lot like Emma Roberts! The lips look so bright and vibrant. I’m glad to learn that the lipstick lasted for hours w/o reapplying! that is wonderful!, Its so hard to find a good long lasting lipstick that, doesn’t look dried out or leave the dreaded ring around the lips. Lancome Rouge in love looks just wonderful!

  2. I don’t know who the model is. But the shade sure does look good on her! Lancome makes great lipsticks. I have a number of favorites from them.

  3. Wow love the lippie! Sounds like an amazing lipstick. I’m still not use to wear red, I’m working my way there.

  4. I found that once I started wearing red some, I quickly got used to it and really liked it. It just takes a couple of times to get accustomed to the look if you don’t normally wear red. :)

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