Which Color of Lipstick Do Men Prefer?

The eternal question comes up again over men’s most preferable lipstick color and it seems that most votes cast upon red. Red lipstick tends to attract men’s eyes most- or at least that is what is rumored!

red lips

A new research from the University of Kent in the U.S.A has come forward to break the common notion that men consider sexy lips the ones wearing red lipstick over other shades. That research’s results claim that men, who were asked to rate the sexual attractiveness of each woman’s photo they have been shown, have a significant preference to more pinkish shades of lipsticks rather than the usual reddish ones.

On the other hand, many men claim that red is the ideal lipstick color for a woman’s mouth; and relate it to sexuality and an ultimate femme- fatale like look.

So, by no means should any woman get rid of that red dress or their favorite red high-heels. Do you wonder why Valentine’s Day is full of reddish ideas for present for your sweet-hearts? Answer: purely because red is still considered the color of love and strong emotions!

Needless to say, though, that a lipstick alone can’t make you look sexy, but sexy lips intonated with a rich red lipstick or a pink girly that make your lips look soft and moisturized can sure make a difference in a rather neat and simple make-up.

Every brand that respects itself has a big range of red timeless lipsticks. Among the best and most beloved ones are:

  • Chanel Rouge, Allure Luminous Satin Lipcolour
  • Clinique, High Impact Lip Color SPF15
  • Revlon, Super lustrous Lipstick
  • Christian Dior, Serum de rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment
  • Estee Lauder, Signature Hydra Lust lipstick

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