E.l.f. Studio Lipgloss Review

Below is a guest review of e.l.f. Studio lipgloss.

I found my favorite lip gloss at Target. I never thought that a store like Target would carry any type of makeup that I like using, but I have enjoyed the flavors and colors of this lip gloss for almost a year. The brand of lip gloss that I get is e.l.f. Studio. The gloss comes in a clear bottle with an applicator that is similar to what you would find in fingernail polish.

elf lip gloss

One of the reasons I like this gloss is because there are many flavors to choose from. I don’t have to use a clear gloss all the time. My favorite so far is the cranberry. Most of the glosses that I have purchased so far have glitter in them. The shimmer makes it fun to wear at night on a date or when I am going to school. The glitter is not clumped like some other lip glosses are. I have used some that have large bits of glitter in them, and this leaves uneven spots on my lips. This gloss goes on smooth, and I can easily add more gloss if desired.

Another reason I like this gloss is the wide variety of colors. The cranberry is a dark pink, but there are also reds and light pinks to choose from. One of the colors I wear to work is called Birthday Suit. It gives just enough color to bring a little vibrancy to my lips, but it does not look bold enough for my manager to make me take it off. This lip gloss brings a look to my mouth that I have not discovered. I can’t even tell I have it on most of the time. The price is great, and the quality is even better. I will probably continue to use this product as long as they keep coming up with great colors and flavors.

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