MAC Star Violet Eye Shadow Review

This is a reader review of MAC Star Violet Eye Shadow. Thanks Lanh Ma for the review!

When I think about my favorite eyeshadow, I immediately start thinking about MAC’s Star Violet. MAC has a long history of eyeshadows that are super-pigmented and which go on like a dream, but I think they’ve outdone themselves with Star Violet. This eyeshadow is described as being a pinkish brown with a rich plum undertone. The pearl glimmer makes it a natural for nighttime wear, and after you get over how strong the color really is, you’ll find that it can go with an amazing number of outfits and looks.

MAC Star Violet Review

In the first place, it is important to remember that while Star Violet is lovely, it is definitely one that needs some accompaniment. For all of its rich pigmentation, Star Violet is not a bold standout. Its strength relies on the fact that it is very deep and very saturated. If you want to get the full use out of this gorgeous eyeshadow, pair it with something that matches the brown or plum tones. If you are feeling really daring, using a white or cream eyeshadow to give it some highlights.

One of the big pleasures of Star Violet is how easily it goes on. The texture is very creamy and very soft, and it is wonderfully simple to work with. It goes exactly where you want to put it, and if you are a makeup novice, it is worth getting better materials at the beginning. Eyeshadows that are rough or which go on poorly will not give you much to work with. Star Violet’s creamy texture allows you to put it on easily and with no mess at all.

Another great thing about my favorite eyeshadow is that it has some serious staying power. Once it goes on, you’ll find that it will stay on for a good long time. When you go to wipe it off, it is recommended that you use makeup wipes rather than water. The thick pigmentation of this eyeshadow means that it will probably stick to your skin even after a bit of water has been applied.

The next question that you might have when you are looking at this eyeshadow is when you should use it. The truth is that Star Violet is so deep and so rich that you should likely save it for a smoky nighttime look. However, I have also found that if I apply just a small smudge of it and then combine it with something a lot lighter, I can give myself a very acceptable look for the office.

However well it does during the day, its when you wear Star Violet at night that it really shines. The velvety sparkle of this eyeshadow gives you the perfect look when you want to head out for a fancy dress ball or even out for a night of dancing. Because it is very much a background color, you can use it to keep your favorite brighter shades from looking gaudy or clownish. The browns in this eyeshadow do a very good job at keeping the whole look grounded.

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