MAC Lipglass Lip Gloss Review

This is one reader’s thoughts on MAC Lipglass. Thanks, Ella, for the review!

In my opinion, every woman should keep a tube of MAC’s signature Lipglass lip gloss in her purse. It’s shiny, chic and fabulous. Not to mention that the Lipglass collection includes a wide variety of colors for every style and occasion ranging from soft pinks to hot reds. There is no doubt that the price for one tube of Lipglass will buy you two lip glosses at the drug store, but there is a good reason why in this case you should splurge for the former. MAC’s products are synonymous with fashion and quality. Lipglass glosses have a lot more staying power than generic brands. The price of one or a couple of tubes is relatively inexpensive when you consider that a single purchase can get you through dozens of romantic date nights and casual work days.

MAC Lipglass Review

The decision to keep my cosmetics case always stocked with Lipglass glosses is a no-brainer. Choosing the right colors for my complexion and lifestyle is the hard part. I would buy the whole collection if I could, but like most women on a budget I have to settle for a little less. If I had to pick just one shade, it would have to be Pink Lemonade. The color is a very light shade of flamingo pink that looks great with any outfit. Because it’s not too pigmented, you can wear it to a night out on the town or to an important meeting at the office. The only problem is that the sheer color can get lost on a darker complexion, so I usually reach for a more saturated shade to complement my summer tan. Lychee Lux, a warm coral shade, is my go-to in the warmer months. The spicy shade also translates well into the autumn wardrobe with golden undertones that look great alongside any fall color.

In general, the Lipglass line has one of the best color selections I’ve ever seen in high-end lip wear. Regardless of your skin color and personal style, you can easily find your dream shade in the current Lipglass color collection. Besides the beautiful selection of colors, one of my favorite things about the gloss is its texture. It’s incredibly moisturizing, so it instantly quenches my dry skin during cold and windy days. The only downside is that the creamy formula can feel a little too sticky on humid days when my lips are already soft and hydrated. Another thing to keep in mind is that most Lipglass shades add a lot of shine. It’s not a good choice for women who prefer matte shadows and lipsticks. I happen to love shine and sparkle, so the Lipglass line is perfect for my style.

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