DIY Moment: How To Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Plump, glossy, kiss-worthy lips; sounds like every girls dreams. Not all of us were blessed with puckers like Angelina Jolie, so we need to pump up the gloss factor for that added boost of je ne sais quoi!

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I love my lip dyes and glosses but I’ve struggled to find a brand I love that is packed with sheen, moisturizers and chemical free. Though many brands are hopping on the Green bandwagon, I’m the kind of gal who likes to know exactly what is in the products I use; especially those I put on my face.
Like Tosca Reno says about food; “Can’t read it; Don’t eat it!” If the ingredients in your favourite gloss look like they came from your High School Chemistry text book, perhaps you might want to pull out your inner DIY Diva and give my homemade recipe a whirl!

Why Go Green?

Like pesticides on grass, what you put on your body is absorbed right into your blood stream. With all pollution and enhanced foods we come in contact with every day, going green with your cosmetics is more than just about being good to your skin; it’s about being good to your whole being!
So let’s rip a page out of that book and get DIY’ing!

How To Make Your Own DIY Lip Gloss

For this easy (and cheap!) recipe, all you need is the following all natural ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon fresh Aloe Vera – slice off a stalk of your own plant and scrape out the gel
  • ½ teaspoon of Coconut Oil – found in any health food store
  • 1/8 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
  • A few drops of your favourite essential oil – since it’s going on your lips, think peppermint, vanilla or lime!

Combine the above ingredients together in a little mixing bowl. Stir until evenly combined and scoop your mixture into any empty lip gloss container. Then, using your finger or Q-Tip, simple dip and apply to your lips!

The natural moisturizers found in the oils and Aloe Vera will help cure dry, cracked lips and give you some serious lustre. Using such green products will also help prevent future dryness and if you go for the peppermint essential oil, will even taste good!

What’s A Gloss Without Colour?

Girl, I got your back…er, I mean lips! Like I said before, I’m a slave to my colourful lip dyes so try this natural colour booster.
For a berry-licious shade, grab a pomegranate from your local market and slice it open. Use about 20-30 seeds and mash them up in a separate bowl from your previously made lip gloss. Pour the juices from the mashed berries into your gloss bowl and mix it up.

You’ll see from plucking out those berries just how bright your fingertips will get so a dash of juice in your gloss will give you that perfectly sweet addition of colour that you’ve been craving!

And the anti-oxidant properties of pomegranates don’t hurt either!

So there you go girls, a quick and easy way to embrace your inner DIY diva, get a little crazy, and whip up your own batch of gloss. You’ll look great, smell great and even taste great for all those kissable moments! Who could ask for more?


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  1. What a great idea! I’ve never tried to make my own gloss, but I love your recipe for making it. I’ll definitely have to try this. Thank you!

  2. I love making cosmetics. I am getting ready to make my own shadow and nail polish!

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