Top Shades to Highlight your Lips for Fall 2012

Men find contrasts appealing and regardless of what the season is, lipsticks are very effective pieces of make-up that helps accentuate your lips. These highlight its contrast with your face’s skin. Though fall is already here, it is never too late to keep yourself up to date with the latest make-trends. Here are some of the top lipstick shades that helps keep your lips look fashionable during fall according to one make up expert.

Fall lipstick trends 2012


- Orange. This is one of 2012’s signature lip shade and this autumn, this color stays. More than being hip and fashionable, this lipstick colors helps the teeth look whiter compared to dark and vibrant reds. Clear, clean, and golden warm, this shade is one of the perfect shades this fall.

- Matte Pink. Enough of the glossy shades! Matte pinks are making a big comeback this fall as this hip and wild shade gives an air of fun and youth. This year, having this shade on your make-up kit is a must-have.

- Classic Red. Lipsticks and red almost always comes hand-in-hand. When someone talks about lipsticks, the first shade that comes to mind, is this color. Red is always in fashion regardless of the season and this fall of 2012 is no exception.

- Electric Red. If plain and simple red is not enough for you, why not try a shade of it that’s a tad more exciting? This electrifying and energizing color is safe, but has a stronger attitude. This powerful shade goes well with a thick coat of mascara and thin, black eyeliner.

- Purple. If you have a medium or deep skin tone, this exotic, mysterious color gives you an air of confidence. This lipstick shade goes well with equally exotic colors.

- Nude. This “grounded”, “down to earth” hue is perfect for work. This simple shade is also great for this season however, it can be tricky depending on your skin tone. Err in the side of caution and make sure to choose nude shades with more caramel and honey tones in them.

So go, and dig up your make-up treasure trove or get yourself lipstick of these shades. These will be the perfect complement for your lips, making them stay hot in the coming colder days and months.


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