Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour Review

This is a reader review of Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear. Thanks Larev for the review!

I have had a long standing obsession with lip gloss. I have owned glosses and lipsticks in every brand possible. Although I have found quite a couple of lip glosses that I love, I struggle with keeping them on my lips. I have very full lips and it seems like the immediately absorb any color I put on them and go back to their dull selves.

Chanel Long Wear Lip Gloss

When Covergirl debuted their longwearing lip glosses, I decided to give them a try. I was very disappointed to find that they dried out my lips and only patches of the color were left on my lips after a few hours. I became weary of anything that said “long wearing” or promised to stay on for more than 8 hours. That was until I came across the Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip at the cosmetics counter at Nordstrom.

I was on my way to work event and decided to dab on some lip gloss at the counter before I headed to my event. Five hours later, I was delightfully surprised that my lip gloss looked intact. I immediately went online and ordered this Chanel Gloss in Violet Sapphire and Rose Topaz. I have since then gone through so many tubes of this product.

The Good

  • It lasts for hours! This product is seriously longwearing. On one particular night that I fell asleep without removing my makeup, I woke up with beautiful pink lips.
  • It doesn’t get patchy. There are many long wear products out there, but, the one that I had tried gets patchy after a few hours. The color on the Chanel lip gloss stays nice and even.
  • You get matte color and a gloss in one. This cuts down on the amount of products I need to carry since I usually always layer lipstick and gloss. This product is both in one tube.
  • It’s kiss proof. My boyfriend loves this lip gloss because it does not leave stains on his cheeks if I give him a peck.
  • The colors are absolutely beautiful. The Violet Sapphire is my favorite color because it is a dark red that looks great for more dressed up events.

The Bad

  • Although it is not as drying as other products, it can still cause your lips to dry out a bit.
  • It is extremely long wearing. I sometimes struggle to remove it when I am washing off my makeup. I have found that rubbing it with baby oil or witch hazel removes it more effectively than soap and water.


  • Apply a lip moisturizer, such as Peter Thomas Roth’s Lips to Die For, to keep lips from drying.
  • Use the gloss over any other lipstick to make it last longer.
  • If you are going for a matte look, skip applying the clear gloss over the lip color.

Buy it at Nordstrom!

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