The Right Way to Apply Foundation

Applying foundation is an essential part of a lady’s beauty regimen. Cosmetic foundation acts as a crucial base for a good makeup application and also serves to cover up skin problems. Improperly applied foundation can result in a mask-like appearance, which is due to the incorrect blending of foundation with one’s skin color. Applying thick layers of foundation is also not recommended, since this leads to an unnatural look.

how to apply foundation

When properly applied, foundation completely conceals skin imperfections and ensures prolonged makeup wear throughout a woman’s busy day. There are also good cosmetic applicators available in the market today, such as the ecotools foundation brush, which helps women apply makeup better. Beauty experts also recommend that ladies need only to focus and spot-fix uneven skin areas to achieve a smooth and flawless look. With a little practice and patience, anyone can use foundation to create a smooth and natural look.

Here are the best practices to ensure a well-applied foundation every woman desires:

Prepare the face

The face should first be thoroughly washed with clean water and pat-dried with an absorbent towel. The face should then be moisturized using a preferred moisturizer so the skin won’t look dry and rough once the foundation is applied. A good quality moisturizer will prevent the foundation from looking uneven and clumpy, allowing for a smooth and natural look. 

Add primer and concealer

Beauty experts usually apply foundation primer first to achieve a smoother surface, which the foundation can cling on once applied. The primer also helps the foundation to last longer without reapplying occasionally. After putting on the primer, you can then use the concealer to hide dark circles and uneven areas so as to avoid applying excessive foundation on those areas eventually.

Start applying the foundation

The amount of foundation to be applied depends on the lightness or darkness of shade that you want to have. Most women prefer the lighter shade as it produces a more natural look.

1. Using a foundation brush, begin to apply the makeup starting off on the center of the face in order to blend the makeup properly as you move towards the outside portion of the face.

2. Make sure to use wider, downward strokes when applying foundation on certain parts like the forehead, nose and chin to avoid getting uneven makeup lines.

Manage the hard-to-reach areas

The hard-to-reach areas for most makeup artists are the sides of the nose, the corners of the mouth, the eyes plus the hairline. These areas are commonly disregarded and are usually left untouched when applying makeup. It is also where the makeup usually wears off.  In that case, one should make sure to properly cover these areas in order to avoid having that dreaded mask look.   

Complete the look with powder

Most women are confused whether when to put the powder – before or after the foundation. Powder should always be applied ‘after the foundation’. This helps even out the foundation, minimizing the shine and also makes the foundation last longer.  Powder also decreases the need to reapply and retouch makeup every now and then. 

By learning the basic rules and principles in applying foundation, one can truly look great and fabulous without spending too much money, or hiring the best makeup artist or stylist in town. Having good quality makeup and tools also helps achieve a smooth and natural look. With lots of readily-available resources and useful tools, achieving that Hollywood-like glow can be easy and fun. Learn, experiment, embrace change and enjoy!

Lynn Parsons is now teaching her students how apply foundation properly with the use of ecotools foundation brush and a good mirror.

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  1. Great post! I have always been kind of bad at this, so to do it the right was was a great reminder :)


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