Hair Extensions: Tips to make them Last

To get the most out of your head extensions, you need to use your head, when you stop laughing over that one; there are some serious ways to look after your extensions. There are also some very important things to avoid doing if you want your extensions to behave properly. There is a misconception that the best extensions cost hundreds of pounds, but there are many good extension pieces cost much less than £100. If you treat them properly, they will be the best value  you will ever buy.

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Treat Your Extensions as Well as Your Hair

This may seem an obvious part of wearing hair extensions, but you would be surprised how many people wear extensions out on the weekend and then forget about them until the next time they want to wear them. By giving the hair extension a deep conditioning, you can maintain the hairpiece and massively improve its lifespan. A deep conditioning on a weekly basis will restore the moisture that is lost even when you are not wearing the hair. Washing long hair extensions should be done in a downward motion to help avoid tangles and knotting.

Brushing and Styling

Hair extensions are the same as the hair on your head and this means that they are prone to the same damage and breakages as you natural hair. Combing or brushing the hair is an essential part of the maintenance, and using straighteners or colours is going to hurt the hair over time. You may not be able to purchase the exact colour extension to match your own hair, so consider which you would prefer to colour. Colouring both is the only real way of making sure both your natural hair and the extension matches.

What to Avoid with a Passion

The days of multi-coloured hair extensions were short lived and they are long gone. Never wear a colour that is so different to your natural hair that the extension stands out a mile. Bright, multiple colours may be okay for a teenager to wear to a party for the night, but they will only look ridiculous on an adult trying to improve their appearance. If you want to look good, choose to go with the best product you can realistically afford. If spend less means buying a shorter extension, then this is the way to go. Nothing is worse than spending your money and not feeling happy with the result.

One of the most popular hair extensions of today are the Brazilian knot hair extension which can add glamour, sophistication and turn heads at the same time.

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  1. I had a set of clip ins from SKR extensions. Colour out of the packet was a pretty good match, but remember with human hair extensions you can also get them coloured at the same time as your real hair, although some salons charge a little more for this service. No idea why surely hair is hair??


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