Digging Dermalogica

There are plenty of skincare brands out there that have a gimmick, manufacture hype, or rely on heavy marketing to get their products in the public eye, but Dermalogica doesn’t have to. For over 25 years, Dermalogica has been a favourite of beauty editors and experts the world over, because of it’s no-nonsense get the job done approach to skincare.


The brand was started by Jane D Wurwood, a UK trained skin therapist who came to the US and was shocked by the lack of quality training that estheticians there went through to get qualified. She set up a teaching institute to help change that, and then, seeing a gap in the market for the types of products that embraced her values and beliefs of what it took to have great skin, set about developing a product line of her own; And so, Dermalogica was born.

What made the brand different was that Wurwood ensured that all products were irritant free, and stayed away from many of the commonly used ingredients that were known to cause breakouts. When people started using her products, and getting real results, word of mouth and professional recommendations helped the brand grow and grow.

From humble beginnings, Dermalogica has become one of the world’s biggest beauty brands. They have a huge catalogue of products that help address every issue that you might have with your skin. Quite simply, Dermalogica products do what they are supposed to do, which is why celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Hilary Swank publicly profess their love for the brand.

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