CoverGirl Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer Review

CoverGirl Smoothers is a tinted moisturizer that hydrates the skin while giving it a soft glow. It contains sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage. It goes on smooth and looks great on most skin tones.

Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer Review

Sunscreen is important to prevent sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. CoverGirl Smoothers contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are barrier sunscreens. Its SPF 15 formula provides enough coverage to protect your skin from sun exposure for short periods of time in the sun such as going to the store or to work.

It is lightweight, so it won’t cake or crease on the skin. It provides a sheer coverage while evening out skin tone for glowing skin. The gel formula helps it glide across the skin for a fresh look. Since it doesn’t contain oil, it is great for all skin types. It’s light enough for oily or combination skin, but sensitive enough to hydrate even dry skin. The zinc oxide helps soothe and protect sensitive skin without irritating blemishes.

The CoverGirl tinted moisturizer comes in three formulas: fair to light, light to medium and medium to dark. Select the right shade for your skin tone. The lightweight formula blends in with your skin tone without looking fake. It gives you an even tone without streaks or dark spots.

Since it is a moisturizer and bronzer in one, there is just one product to apply to your face in the morning. Even if you don’t have time to do all of your makeup, you can get a healthy looking glow with just this product. It evens out skin tone and helps conceal minor blemishes. If you have very dark spots or circles under your eyes, you may need a separate concealer, but for most minor complexion issues, this tinted moisturizer will even your skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

My skin gets very dry in the winter, so I use a separate moisturizer under this product. I continue to use Smoothers because I like the look and how it evens my skin tone. In the summer, I find that I can skip the separate moisturizer and just use this product.

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