How to Accessorize Your Crop Top

A crop top is a shirt which may start at the shoulder or start as a tank and goes till the belly button only. This leaves women with a slight stomach to show to make it look fashionable, trendy and fun. A crop top is a casual wear outfit and has been given preference for its comfort, particularly in the summer and spring season. Crop tops can be perfect for an outing with family or friends and can be comfortable to wear through long hours as well. However, knowing how to wear the top itself, while also being able to carry other things with it to make it look better is all a part of the deal.

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The first thing to remember is that crop tops are best when people have a stomach to show with it. A flat or muscular torso is the best option for a crop top. Wearing a crop top with an unshaped stomach can take away from the look of the top itself and focus on the stomach which would not only look bad, but also make you, as a wearer feel uncomfortable. Since the purpose of a crop top is to show a little bit of the belly, make sure your belly is toned for the same.

If you are not comfortable with exposing your belly, then you can put a fitted tank under your crop top. This is one of the ways to accessorize your crop top. The tank you wear can be a nude or neutral skin color which hides away and brings out the color of the crop top. It can even be a subtle color, similar to that of the crop top, particularly if the crop top is printed, you could use the tank top that matches the base color of the print. However, to go all out and bring out the look of the crop top, you could wear it with a tank top which is a vibrant clashing color when coupled with the crop top. This will help make the two layers stand out and get noticed, both as a complete outfit and separately as well.

Crop tops also go well with layering on the outside. So if you have been trying to find a good companion for your crop top, you could use a long, sleeveless jacket which would simply fall to the side. Leaving this open in the front keeps the look of the crop top as the first thing one would notice about the outfit and also maintains the exposure that the belly should get from the crop top itself. These additional jackets are best when worn in soft, subtle colors, over a strong colored crop top. This way, they do not take away from the crop top itself; rather direct the eyes of the people onto the crop top.

When using ornaments to complement your crop top, remember to keep it simple. Since crop tops have a look that states being trendy but comfortable, the ornaments you use to dress up your crop top also need to be casual and soft. Wearing a long necklace, with a medium sized pendant, is one of the best ways to bring out the look of the crop top. It helps to break the monotony of the outfit and divides it into sections when people look at it. Also, a soft ring or bracelet can help to complete the look of the crop top.

Two things which cannot be avoided when wearing a crop top are shoes and a hand bag. Picking out shoes to go with your crop top can be easy because you need to dress for comfort. Bellies or even ballet flats tend to look perfect with a crop top. Also, a bag is the final touch you need to give your outfit. It brings in a sense of finishing with the crop top. It is best to have a small hand bag with a long sling which can be put across the body, over the top itself.

Keep these tips in mind and experiment with crop tops on your own as well to know what looks best on you.


The post is written by Jason Phillips; a fashion designer with difference. He is influenced by Lativian and Scandivian dresses. Apart from that he has weakness for crop tops and jumpsuit.

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