Revlon Age Defying Botafirm Foundation Review

Below is a guest/reader review of Revlon Age Defying Botafirm Foundation for dry skin.

The best foundation I have found for dry skin and for my mature skin is Revlon Age Defying Foundation with Botafirm for dry skin. As a bonus, it also has a 15 SPF sunscreen to help to keep skin from looking aged. This is the only foundation I have found that I can use all year even in the extremely dry desert conditions that I am now living in.


Revlon Botafirm Review

I’ve found that this foundation does exactly what it claims it will do. It appears to help diminish fine lines and the beginning of wrinkles. I’m not sure exactly what Botafirm is but it does work really well for me. I have light to medium skin tone so I like to use the Natural Beige color, number 06, for most of the year. In summer however, I choose just a shade or so darker and switch to number 09 which is called Cool Beige. Once my arms and neck tan, I don’t want to be using a foundation that is too much lighter than any bit of color I’ve gotten from the sun because I feel that it wouldn’t look right.

With this foundation it isn’t necessary to switch the way I do, but I like switching shades according to how tan I’ve become during the summer. I use sunscreen, but naturally from living in the desert I do get some color even with the use of sunscreen. Changing foundation colors makes sense when you live in a climate that is very hot and sunny. When I lived in the Midwest I used just one color foundation all year.

After using a very good moisturizer on my face I apply Revlon Age Defying Foundation by putting dots on my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and blend it using my fingertips. I’m sure a sponge or applicator could also be used, but this is the way I do it and it works well for me. I’ve used this foundation for years now and absolutely love it.
My skin tends to be on the sensitive side most of the time but I have never had any problems using this foundation. It seems to be gentle enough to use even on somewhat sensitive skin. I have never experienced any kind of burning, redness or any other signs of sensitivity.

I think Revlon Age Defying Foundation makes my face look younger and I get compliments all the time on how I couldn’t possibly be the age I am. I feel like I owe some of that to choosing a great foundation. Foundation is so important in makeup application that I would never go without it.

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