High Tech Hair Straightening Techniques

Throughout the years, many curly-headed women have tried countless methods and techniques for straightening their hair, with many ending in pain and horror stories. For a long time, the desire to have long, sleek, and shiny hair had been nothing more than a pipe dream for these women and they have had to settle for finding curly styles that better fit their natural hair texture. At the same time, women in different parts of the world have had no problem switching from a curly head of hair to straightened locks without any issues. What is the difference? The latter women were using specific methods to accomplish the task in the best way possible. The top two techniques have since become global and now use modern equipment to straighten even the curliest locks.

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The newest of the two main straightening techniques comes from Japan and is called Japanese Thermal Straightening or Reconditioning, or the Japanese Straight Perm. Whatever name is used, the process involves a number of high tech chemicals being applied to the hair to get the dramatic texture change. Most salons will have one or two brands of Japanese Straightening Systems. The best of these are either Liscio or Yuko, both of which have had great success with very curly hair. A person who has decided on this procedure should ask their stylist which products they will choose and be cautious if neither of these brands are mentioned. All told, a Japanese Thermal Reconditioning session can take quite a long time, with reports of up to six hours being common. However, the straightening technique will keep the hair looking good for half a year to a full year, depending on the person’s individual level of wear and tear as well as the humidity in the air.

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The other high tech straightening technique is also foreign, this time coming from the South American nation of Brazil. Called a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, this process uses a different set of chemicals to achieve the straightened effect. The main chemical is keratin, a protein that occurs naturally in hair, which is probably why the method is so successful. Combing keratin, other chemicals, and conditioners, the hair is straightened to a desired texture and will stand up to blow drying and even moisture for several months. While the technique has evolved greatly in modern years, a woman thinking about getting a Brazilian Keratin Treatment will need to know what chemicals are going into her hair. Specifically, she should ask the stylist if they use formaldehyde and choose a different salon if they say yes.

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With these two different techniques both being effective, many women wonder which one they should choose for the best combination of appearance, longevity, and cost. The main difference between the two is in the amount of time that they last. While the Japanese treatment lasts up to a year, the Brazilian version usually only lasts for a few months before another trip to the salon is needed. At the same time, the Brazilian straightening process does leave the hair more shiny and wavy, so a woman may desire that texture. For most women, the correct choice will come down to personal preference and how she wants her hair to look and feel.

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