Pool Friendly Fashion

Don’t Sacrifice Fashion at the Pool

A trip to the pool doesn’t need to be fraught with anxiety. This season’s hot new trends in swim wear accessories yield a variety that should complement every poolside sunbather’s style.

pool fashion

One of the more surprising hits of this season, along with the monokini and fringe-laden bikinis, is the chic and slightly throwback style of high-waisted bikini bottoms. The modern take on this vintage style is accented with clever contours to complement the wearer’s waistline. The top that goes with these bottoms can vary from standard bikini top to a halter style.

No matter what type of suit you choose, and regardless of whether you are strolling along the shoreline at one of your favorite beaches or are lounging at one of your friends’ above ground pools, you want to make your swim wear pop all summer long. How does one bring the heat while trying to cool down? Accessories, accessories and more accessories. By adding the right shoes, wraps and even jewelry, you can get the most mileage out of any style of swimsuit you may choose.

Kick up Your Heels When You’re Not in the Water

There is no rule that your pool shoes cannot be both functional and fashionable. By finding the right shoes to complement your swimsuit as well as keeping your feet happy, you will flaunt your style with ease and grace. You can select neutral chic wedges of varying heights or a flat flip-flop with a flower embellishment. A pair of classic, bejeweled slip-on sandals go a long way in supporting your pedicured feet on a hot summer’s day. If you like simple swim suits, select bright sandals or adorned wedges to add some excitement to your beach look.

Keep Your Swimwear Sassily Under Wraps

While it is wonderful to showcase your snazzy new swimsuit at the pool or the beach, there are times when an attractive cover up can come in handy. When taking a trip to the bar for your favorite beach cocktail, it is nice to slip on your shoes and a wrap in your favorite material – cotton, chiffon or even canvas are all popular looks – to make your way. You can choose cover ups for the top portion of your body or merely over your swimsuit bottoms. A slightly sheer tunic is a hot look this year that covers your body but still gives a sexy look. If you like a colorful look, consider a cotton patterned wrap. Avoid stripes if you are curvier; plus, bold, block patterns are more in style this season. Whichever style wrap you choose, make sure it complements your overall beach look. You don’t want to clash when you are trying to look your best in the summer weather.

Highlight Your Best Attributes with Sparkling Jewelry

Whether your taste in jewelry is simple, elegant or you prefer something brimming with bangles or beads, there is certainly something that will help you sparkle under the rays of the sun. While metal jewelry is in this season, consider going with a thin chain or earrings rather than a bulky necklace. Though chunky gold necklaces look great on the runway, they can get hot in the sun. They also leave unwanted tan lines. Consider bright, jeweled earrings to set off the color of your suit or thin gold chains for a classy look!

Pool and Beach Ready

Now that you have the fundamentals in order to shimmer at the pool, it’s time to head on out and enjoy the water and the sunshine while you make your own splash. There’s no need to overthink your suit style this year. Pick something simple and dress it up for the perfect 2012 beach style!

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