Choosing The Best Eye Make Up To Complement Your Eye Colour

When it comes to make up, there are so many different looks you can achieve with a few reliable tools in your make up collection. We show you how to choose the best eye make up for your eye colour and how to avoid those make up faux pas.

Smoky Eye Effect
Best for: Blue and green eyes

The smoky eye effect is incredibly striking and is an easy look to achieve with only a few tools needed. A selection of grey eye shadows, black liquid liner and black mascara will help you achieve this look which will complement blue and green eyes beautifully. Start with the darker colour in the inner corner of your eye followed by a lighter grey shade blended towards the edge. After an application of mascara, it is easy to swipe a thick line of liquid eyeliner which you can then further blend outwards.

The smoky eye effect is easy to achieve and is great for illuminating light eye colours. Be careful not to overdo the dark shadow as it can make even the biggest of eyes look small and overdone.

Green Goddess
Best for: Brown eyes

Green eye shadow isn’t for everyone, but when executed well it can look stunning on those with brown eyes. Pick a shade that suit your warm eye colour: avoid lime greens and think more warming olive green colours. Apply a flick of dark brown eye liner to complete the look along with some chocolate brown mascara.

Pretty Pinks and Purples
Best for: Grey eyes

For those with grey eyes, a light baby pink or lilac eye shadow will look great on you. Sweep a range of pinks and purples over your eyelids and apply a sweep of mascara for a fluttery look. With pinks and purples, a dark grey liner will look great and add a depth element to your eyes.

Glasses wearers needn’t shy away from shadow

Those who wear glasses often feel they must steer clear of bright eye shadows for fear of over-doing it. But fear not, for a bright eye shadow can look great – the key is knowing what is complemented by your glasses style. If you’re wearing large, heavy retro frames you have the opportunity to awaken the style with some bright shadow to accentuate the frame. For those glasses frames that are bright or bold in design, try sticking to one colour shadow but using it in different ways to accentuate the colour frame you’re wearing.

Amy writes for DirectSight, a leading provider of glasses online.

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