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If you are travelling to a beach destination this summer, you will want to pack light. That way you can focus on having fun in the sun instead of dragging your bags all over the place. With baggage fees going up all the time, it can get expensive to bring a lot of luggage. Luckily, if you pack right you can get by with just a carry on for quite a few days of beach travel.

Beachwear dress

Even if you have no plans to travel, beachwear does not have to be complicated. Having a few key pieces that will last for a few summers is important. Accessories are cheap and change with the seasons. Bathing suit styles do not change nearly as much.

Investment Pieces:
Swimwear should be an investment. Go ahead and spend more on high quality swimsuits, but make sure you buy separates. Having three to four different good quality separates will allow you to create many different looks that will take you through at least two summers of heavy wear.

Go for solid colors like black, brown, red or navy. Your best bet is to buy one pair of bottoms you really love and then get two different tops. For instance, a black pair of boy shorts will go with a variety of different styles and colors of tops. You could pair your boy shorts with a classic black triangle top or a red halter tankini top creating a variety of looks.


Inexpensive accessories can help you keep up with yearly trends on a budget. Sunglasses, for example, are an inexpensive option. If the trend is neon colors this summer, a bright yellow pair of sunglasses and electric blue nail polish with a classic black swimsuit will allow you to be on trend, but wear the same swimsuit as last year.

Cover-ups are also a great way to stay on trend. A good-sized scarf can play many different roles in your summer wardrobe. Tie it around your hat’s brim to brighten it up. You can also play with knots and shape when tying it around your waist.

Even things like towels and bags can keep your look on trend and still be inexpensive. If you stay under a certain price point for these items, you can buy something new every summer. Spending less money on these items is also great for travelers. If you leave your sunglasses by the pool, you don’t have to worry because you didn’t shell the money for designer sunglasses.

Convertible Dresses:
Dresses help you keep cool during the summer. You can also throw them over your swimsuit and go directly to a party while still looking fashionable. Convertible dresses are a great option if you want to have a variety of looks without making a significant investment in summer clothing. These dresses can even be used as a skirt under a tank top or tee shirt.

Functional Style:
If you are looking for items that will be functional while remaining stylish, flip-flops with hidden storage are a great option. They allow you to hide your car or house key, cash and credit cards inside the bottom of your shoe so you can leave your key ring and wallet at home or in the hotel safe.

When shopping for these flip-flops, make sure you buy a pair with a compartment that is waterproof and crushproof. One that has a hard plastic or metal insert is ideal so you know your items are secure.

John Villareal is a hotel and resort reviewer and, while he’s in between destinations, blogs for where you can find various Mauritius holiday packages – more details. In particular he recommends considering Royal Palm Mauritius as a great destination for the next time you travel.

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