Tips for Looking Gorgeous in a Strapless Dress

A strapless dress can be an elegant and attention-getting outfit which will make you feel glamorous and sexy. Here are some tips for looking your best when wearing this style of dress.

strapless wedding gown

Get the Perfect Fit

Making sure that the dress fits you properly is very important when it is a strapless style. If the dress is too tight it will pinch you and cause unattractive bulges over the top and sides. If the dress is not tight enough it could end up falling down and you could wind up showing off more than you bargained for!

When you are trying on a strapless dress, be sure to raise your arms, bend over at the waist, sit down and move around as much as possible to make sure that the dress you have chosen fits you well. It should stay in place no matter how much you move around and you should not have to tug on it to keep it up.

Show Off Your Sexy Shoulders

When you are wearing a strapless dress the part of your body that will be in the spotlight is your shoulders, neck, arms and cleavage. Since all eyes will be on this area, make sure that it is looking as good as possible. You can use small hand weights to do exercises to tone the muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders. Stand up tall so that your neck and shoulders don’t look hunched over.

When you are in the shower, use an exfoliating body scrub to get rid of any dry flaky skin and then moisturize with a creamy body lotion afterwards. You might want to choose a lotion with a little bit of shimmer added so that your shoulders will catch the light and have a natural glow. Spray a little touch of perfume on your neck and wrists for a subtle, feminine scent.

How Short?

A strapless dress should come down to at least the knee. Anything which is shorter than that and tight will look trashy and revealing. Unless you are going out to a nightclub and you are going for this kind of look, try to find a strapless dress which will balance itself out with a more modest skirt. Sometimes less is more and a dress is more flattering because it leaves something to the imagination.

But I’m Too Flat-Chested!

Many women feel like they cannot wear a strapless dress because they have small breasts and they think they won’t be able to hold it up. However, anyone can wear a strapless dress as long as it is the right fit. If you are flat-chested you should choose a dress with pleats or gathers around the bust because this will add volume to the chest area. You should also look for dresses which have a built in bra with a stretchy strap underneath which will help to keep the dress in place.

What Necklace to Wear?

Since your neck, shoulders and collarbone will be prominently displayed while wearing a strapless dress, the necklace that you choose to wear will be very important. All of that bare skin around it will draw attention to the necklace, so choose something that is simple yet elegant. A good quality strand of pearls or a glittering gemstone necklace can be the perfect finishing touch. It should not be long and dangling but should sit close to your neck and rest on your collarbone.

A strapless dress is a must-have fashion item for looking sexy and glamorous on any occasion. These are just a few things to remember when wearing a strapless dress so that you look your absolute best.

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