5 Health Benefits of Sunglasses

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Sunglasses offer many benefits to the human eye. This is especially true for ultraviolet sunglasses, which absorb ultraviolet rays. Brand-name sunglasses and prescription lenses designed for sun blockage are preferable for just this reason. These higher quality glasses are a bit more expensive than regular shades, but they are worth it, considering that healthy eyesight depends on the extra protection they provide.

Below are five common health benefits of wearing sunglasses:

Prevent UV Damage

They minimize the risk of cataracts, eye diseases and other conditions, like skin cancer, headaches,photokeratitis (sunburning), pingueculas (growths on the eye whites), eyesores and general blindness. When UV protected sunglasses cover the eyes, overall vision remains unobstructed and damage is minimal. Not only do sunglasses reduce the risk of muscular degeneration, they strengthen those muscles to improve eyesight.

Keep Dirt Away

Sunglasses deflect projectiles like debris, dirt, dust, sharp wind, rain and hail, and anything that can cause scratching, swelling and/or bleeding. Yes, flying debris with an erratic trajectory, like wind, dust and dirt, can work its way in around the rim of the glasses and cause damage, but the span of the eye pieces are designed and sized to ensure that the risk is minimal.

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Prevent Dry Eyes

They help maintain moistness in the eyes. Dry eyes can lead to redness and irritation, which result in loss or weakness of vision and ongoing discomfort.

Eliminate Strain

They eliminate psychical strain for eyes to function. Eyes tend to exert less effort when aided by specially designed lenses, and vision is clearer as well. This is especially the case for those individuals with photosensitivity, those individuals that cannot tolerate average sunlight. Both regular and UV protected sunglasses facilitate this by protecting the eyes while simultaneous enhancing visual acuity.

Prevent Jet Lag

They alleviate jet lag during plane trips. Wearing sunglasses while in flight allows the body to adjust to time change differentiation by slowing the change in light transportaiton to the eye. Essentially allowing for more sleep and less strain on your eyes.

When an individual ventures outside, sunglasses are always a good bet, even if the sky is gray and filled with rain. The health factors involved suggest that sunglasses are no longer merely for sun-blockage; they ensure safe travel. Their importance should never be underestimated; at least not as long as healthy eyesight is regarded as necessary.

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