Ten Top Tips for Dressing for a Dinner Date

A special dinner date is on the horizon. Emotions may run from the excitement of ethereal expectations of the possibility of love, all the way to the depression of impending disaster.

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Whatever the eventual outcome, putting first things first, the blatant reality is you have to wear clothes.

How we dress sends a message. Advice from friends ranges from wearing your most soul-expressing, vintage clothing to what-would-your-grandmother-wear. The best stylists will point-out the virtues of finding a middle-range; practice a balancing act between your desires to be attractive without worrying about being too sexy. Going out to dinner can be inexpensive and casual sidewalk cafes or an expensive posh night on-the-town. Either way, be grown-up, carry a purse.

The basics of dressing well for a dinner date or any occasion is proper fit. Whether you’re wearing plus size clothing or you’re woman wearing petite clothing, the proper fit and exhibiting a few how-to’s of fashion rules will make your evening a smashing success.

1. Find out the restaurant: Knowing where you’re going for dinner prepares you to know how dressy is proper. Under-dressing’s better than overdressing.

2. Dress comfortably: Don’t spend the evening pulling and tugging at your clothes; you’ll look nervous and you may well be. Wearing great undergarments is the foundation of comfortable dressing.

3. Don’t try to be too sexy: You don’t have to wear a tight dress to express natural sex appeal. Dressing sexy begins with an attitude exuding confidence.

4. Take along a sweater: Outdoor venues or sitting by the door can be chilly. A sweater can keep you appearing calm and collected.

5. Create a clean-line by wearing one colour: The fashion rule is the same for petite and plus sizes, the eye sees one long line making you appear taller, thinner. You can wear light or bright colours, so long as the colours are monochromatic. This way, you aren’t tied to wearing black.

6. Lead with your strengths: There are parts of your body that should be accentuated. Highlight your assets. Those wearing plus size clothing will want to draw attention to their voluptuous curviness by favouring the wrap dress. Your affinity for your waist or legs means choosing jeans and a dressy, print top for casual wear and a frilly, print dress, adding a belt to show-off your waist at a proper length to highlight your legs. Don’t forget that vertical lines are slimming while diagonal lines can work just as well.

7. Choose the right fabrics: don’t wear silk unless you are a really clean eater.

8. Don’t try too hard: Look like yourself. There will always be someone who wants to make an individual statement with twist. If that’s you, go ahead and sport your vintage clothing, so long as you choose quality pieces, maybe name labels.

9. Practice sitting down: Don’t be surprised by how your outfit performs. Cleavage is different, sitting from standing.

10. Make sure your clothes allow you to eat

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