Five Reasons To Try Natural Beauty Products

What comes to mind when you think of natural beauty products? If you’re looking into them for the first time, it can be a bit confusing. Sure, there is a lot of buzz about all-natural goods, but what does it mean in terms of make-up and skin care? It means a healthier, more beautiful you. Here are five good reasons to switch to natural beauty products.

Five Reasons You Should Consider Using Natural Beauty Products

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1. Not All Chemicals Are Created Equal

Regular beauty products have synthetic ingredients. A lot of them. Everything from colors in eye shadows to scents in shampoos are often artificial. They can cause anything from acne breakouts to blisters to itchy dry skin. Some of them are known toxins or carcinogens, and many do not get tested for safety. Natural products don’t contain these abrasive, damaging chemicals. They also do not contain artificial preservatives. They are gentler, not harmful to your skin, and much safer to use.

2. They Help You Be Cruelty Free

Thousands of unsafe skin and hair products are tested on animals. This is not the case with natural care items. All the ingredients used in them-bee pollen, honey and milk, for example-are natural and not harmful to animals. And natural beauty products do not contain any ingredients made from animals, either. Not only do they save your skin, they save the lives of innocent animals.

3. A Great Way to Go Green

By eliminating toxic chemicals from what they create, manufacturers of organic products reduce pollutants in water, sewage and trash. Food ingredients are grown organically and do not contain artificial pesticides and fertilizers. This also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and our carbon footprint. And while many non-natural products have harmful plastic packaging, natural products use recyclable, environmentally friendly ones.

4. You Are What You Absorb

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it absorbs nearly 60 percent of anything applied to it. Then our bodies must break down what is absorbed and remove any toxins from it. If a beauty product contains a lot of chemical ingredients, this process becomes harmful. These toxins can cause illness and decreased fertility, among other things, and the more frequent the use the greater the overall risks. Natural products remove this danger by using ingredients like citrus fruits and rose hip oil, which promote good health inside and outside.

5. The Natural Truth

If you listened to everything that the advertisements told you, you would have the impression that you simply had no hope of looking fantastic without their (usually expensive) products. Millions of dollars are spent in advertising and marketing synthetic beauty care, and the costs of that are passed down to the consumers. But natural beauty products have been used for centuries by women like Cleopatra with excellent results and no gimmicks or false promises. The manufacturers of these products don’t spend a fortune on advertising, and they don’t make sweeping claims they can’t back up with hard data. Unlike synthetic brands, what you see is what you get: healthy products with healthy results.

Beauty is more than skin deep. It goes all the way to your bloodstream and the environment. Switching to natural products not only helps you be healthier, it also helps the world you live in. What could be more beautiful than that?

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