How to Rock a Grey Sweatshirt

Grey is a wonderful colour for spring. It’s light enough to get you out of the dark blues, browns and blacks of winter, yet dark enough not to feel too summery at the start of the season. Soft grey sweatshirts are an ideal spring cover-up because they’re like a blank canvas on which you can paint your own style, dressing up a plain sweatshirt to suit many different occasions.

Grey Sweatshirt Fashion

Worn with jeans, skirts or cropped trousers and flat shoes, the humble sweatshirt has the power to be both warm and stylish and is perfect for layering or wearing on its own.

Add Colour

Grey is a colour that goes with just about anything, giving many different options to tie an outfit together with matching accessories. How about wearing it with pastel blue or coral cropped trousers? Add balance to the ensemble with the addition of a floaty scarf in a colour that matches the trousers. The scarf has a double function, giving the sweatshirt a lift and providing an extra bit of warmth if the weather turns chilly.

Add Layers

Soften the lines of the somewhat stark and masculine sweatshirt by layering it over a feminine shirt or blouse that’s a little longer. The softer lace hem of the blouse hanging below the sweatshirt is flattering when worn with casual jeans. Allow the collar of the blouse to rest over the neckline of the sweatshirt to lift and enhance your skin tones, brightening your complexion and drawing the eye. If lace and frills aren’t to your taste, try layering over a contrasting colour T-shirt to add a little detail at the hemline.

Gray Sweatshirt Fashion Look

With Leggings

Long-line sweatshirts, worn a size or two too large, look stunning when worn over plain black or even skin-tone leggings. Look for longer sweatshirts with a hem that falls to mid-thigh length and dare to wear it as a dress. Team it with high-heeled ankle boots and one of the oversized handbags stores now have in stock. It’s all about beating the unpredictable spring weather and a sweatshirt can be as stylish as the most expensive of sweaters with a little imagination.

With Long Skirts

The contrast between fabrics in different weights that are worn together adds an extra dimension to what could otherwise be drab and ordinary. Try wearing a heavier-weight grey sweatshirt over a light, ankle-length skirt. Drape the sweatshirt fabric over its hem, so it sits snugly on the hips to give some structure to the outfit and complete this look of contrasts with a pair of wedge-heeled spring boots or shoes. Roll up the sleeves, allowing a contrasting coloured long-sleeve T-shirt to show at the wrists and add large cuff bracelets to draw attention to your hands.

The sweatshirt’s versatility makes it worth a second glance when you’re shopping for spring clothes. Soft dove greys or darker charcoal colours are an ideal starting point from which to build your own kind of look, displaying an original personality and a flair for style.

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