5 Style Tips to Keep Plus Sized Women Looking Sexy

Tips to Keep Plus Sized Women Looking Sexy

Tip 1:

Properly fitting jeans can be almost impossible to find, especially in plus size clothing, but jeans are a wardrobe staple and can make any woman look sexy if worn the right way. Jeans should not be too tight in the places that matter most, such as the hip, thighs, and rear end. There are many different types of jeans, and all can look sexy if paired with the right top. If your jeans are wide legged, make sure that you are wearing a top that is narrower and fitting to your body. If your jeans are narrow legged, then your top can be wider and less fitting. Some plus sized women may think they can’t wear skinny jeans, but skinny jeans can be a great way to lengthen and narrow your body by pairing them with a mid-thigh length top that covers your thighs and hips.

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Tip 2:

Believe it or not, wearing the right shoes can help lengthen your legs and make any plus sized woman look sexy. Wearing pointed toe shoes will lengthen your leg by creating an illusion that your leg goes farther than it does. If you are wearing shorter trousers, make sure that your shoes are the same colour as your trousers, so as to not break up the leg line. Knee high boots can be a sexy addition to any wardrobe, but in order to keep those legs looking long, wear boots that touch the hem or your skirt or wear tights the same colour as your boots to lengthen that leg line.

Tip 3:

Plus sized women tend to be bigger in the chest area, and finding the right plus size clothing can be hard. Many women are wearing the wrong size bra because they don’t know any better. Go to a store that can help measure you and fit you to ensure that you are wearing the correct size. A common problem plus sized women have with bras is the slippery bra strap. Figure out exactly where that bra strap needs to be and sew it in place. When you lift up on the bra strap, you should have about an inch of space between your shoulder and the strap.

Tip 4:

Always choose your fabric carefully. Sometimes the right fabric can make all the difference. Plus size clothing can be the biggest problem in this area. If you have a curvy body, than you need to make sure you are choosing fabric that has more stretch to it and will stay close to your body. Fabric without stretch will stand away from your body and leave areas to the imagination that we want displayed proudly.

Tip 5:

Don’t be afraid to alter clothing. It is very hard to find clothing that fits right, especially plus size clothing. However, it is important to remember that if things don’t fit perfectly, you can always alter them. Find a good tailor and don’t hesitate to use them.

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