6 Top Footcare Tips

Our feet have to handle abuse on a daily basis. There’s very little respite until the end of the day when we can, with relief, kick our shoes off.

It’s important to look after our feet. As a piece of advice that might seem obvious, but it’s easy to ignore, which we do all the time! Our body has a way of telling us if there’s something wrong, and you can usually tell when your feet require some much needed TLC. Here are a few tips that might help with the care of your feet.


1. Wash your feet every day. Scrubbing in the shower doesn’t count here, as your feet don’t get the sufficient soaking that they need. Wash your feet in warm, salt water for 10 minutes or more, and it serves to ease away stress while cleansing and deodorising. Be wary not to soak your feet daily, as this can dry out the foot’s natural oils.

2. Dry skin. Many people will experience dry skin on their feet most of their lives. At best, it can be a mild irritation, but at worst it can lead to physical pain, especially if the hardened skin cracks. Use a pumice stone to remove the hardened skin before it becomes too severe, while giving your feet a good soak.

3. Trimming toenails. There is a correct way to cut your toenails that will help to avert such ailments as in-growing nails. Cut straight across the nail, as cutting down into the corners will lead to in-grown toenails.

4. The right shoes. Buying the right shoes for your feet is essential for their wellbeing. Choose your footwear based on how they would fit after being worn for long periods. Of course, there are shoes that don’t take comfort as a priority, and worn occasionally there should be few problems. A great tip is to buy shoes later in the afternoon after your feet have swollen a little, which is normal – don’t panic!

5. Sun block. When enjoying the day out in sunny weather, particularly on the beach or spending a lot of time in flip flops, your feet are at risk from sun damage. Your feet need as much protection as the rest of your body, so be sure to apply sunscreen and keep it topped up throughout the day.

6. Professional help. If you find that you are struggling with any foot complaint, such as infections or pain, do consult your doctor or chiropodist. Even the odd twinge can be an early indicator of infection.

With these tips you should be able to keep your feet in good working order, but always seek professional advice when needed.


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