The World’s Weirdest Shoes

The world’s weirdest shoes stand out because they are built with extraordinary features. In spite of their appearance, many of them are actually functional. Several use quite ordinary materials in unexpected ways. Others are literally a puzzle.

Gadget Footwear

A few designers have built shoes that contain a compartment for mobile phones and other gadgets in the heel. Shoe heels usually provide balance. These creations go beyond that to provide storage space for digital devices. There are also shoes built as CD players. Play music from your favourite album while you walk or run. One drawback is that the disc will probably skip constantly.

Shoes that Display Living Fish

This kind of footwear uses heels as mini aquaria. The base is constructed with a transparent material. It is not solid and the space is filled with water. Fish can be seen swimming around inside. Some of the designs have spiders instead of sea creatures.

Boots that Look Like Food

Fast food fans will like this kind of footwear. They are not regular boots. They resemble hamburgers. The heels are built to look like bread. Pieces of tomato and beef peep enticingly out from under a slice of cheese. The laces look like they are made from delicious cheddar.

Animal Shoes

These products might be mistaken for hooves until you look closely. Several only copy the animals in their shape. Others come complete with fur, splint bones and cartilage. There are some that resemble mice. There is something a bit unnerving about that.

Several top contemporary designers have exquisite sandals made from fish skin. Tilapia leather is used with other kinds of leather to make colourful and trendy shoes. Casual observers would not be able to tell what they are made from. The weird sandals that made this list are not like that. Those actually use whole fish as a base. Regular straps provide support at the lower portion of the feet.

Too Heavy to Be Worn

Wire, iron and stone have been used to make shoes for display purposes. These materials would be painful to wear on a regular basis because they would be too heavy. Sandals and other products made from these materials would be likely to slip on some surfaces.

A high heel manufactured completely from metal was created by a designer. The sandal looks like a sculpture. It features two ankle straps and a cross front strap design with peep hole styling. All the parts are forged from metal.


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