Fun and Fashionable Prints and Patterns for Spring and Summer 2012

With spring and summer so close, yet so far, far away, it’s never too early to start looking into and thinking about warmer weather fashions. It will cheer you up to start shopping around for the bright colors and fun prints that make spring and summer clothing, and it’ll be fun to see what’s in and what’s not this year.

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Here are a few ideas to get you started – we know the major fashion trends to expect in terms of style, but what about colors, prints and patterns? That’s where we’ll focus our fashion fortune telling efforts today.


Did someone time warp the world back to the 1970s all of a sudden, when crochet tops were ever so popular, or are they just back in? Well, sorry to disappoint all you sci-fi fans out there, but they’re just back and better than ever!

The simple and delicate look of a crochet pattern adds a touch of elegance and earthiness to any outfit. What’s big this spring and summer? Crocheted vests. They’re easy to throw over any tank top or sundress and they make such a cute accessory.

Don’t go too overboard with your crochet patterns, though. You want to keep it simple, so choose earth-toned colors (natural hemp or solid white is the best) and weaves that are open and loose.

Large Florals

So florals aren’t exactly a surprise when they hit the runway before every spring and summer season, but this year’s patterns are a bit different. Expect to see larger floral designs than normal – full flower prints rather than pieces of them scattered about a top or a dress.

Solid colors with one or two large flowers are huge, especially on dresses. There may be one adorning your hip or shoulder (which reminds me, the one-shoulder look is also back). Be brave and try something that stands out a bit more than you’d usually like.


Orange fabrics were lining the runways at New York City’s Fashion Week back in January.

Although it’s no secret that orange is faaaaaabulous, it seems to really be making a comeback in its brightest, boldest hues this spring and summer.

Try pairing a bright orange dress or top (or even pants – yes, neon pants are H-O-T hot!) with a pair of bright blue pumps or strappy heels. The contrast will be eye-catching.


While orange may make a very loud fashion statement this spring and summer, neutral colors are back to make women (and men, perhaps) appear so light and airy and care-free that they look like they may float away into thin air before your very eyes.

OK, so of course they won’t float away, but neutral colors are all about looking earthy and light, and they’re being paired mainly with flowing maxi dresses and oversized tops to increase that look of comfort and happiness.

A nude-colored dress with feminine ruffles and flowing lines may very well be the most fashionable thing you add to your closet this spring.

Internationally-Inspired Prints

Think of traditional Mexican, African or Indian clothing and imagine wearing it yourself. You will be come spring and summertime!

Internationally-inspired prints are big for tops, especially tunics. Traditional Indian patterns are very popular on a long tunic that can be paired with a simple pair of leggings or capris.

Handbags and clutches are also showing some of these patterns. Mexican, African and Indian inspirations are just a few of the many that we’ll see on the shelves and the racks of department stores this year, so get inspired – go out for international food before going shopping to brave yourself up to wearing some of these bold, stand-out patterns!


Sheer fabrics are no longer reserved strictly for lingerie! Though the look is inspired by its racy family members in the lingerie department, sheer tops and dresses are being paired with fun bikini-like bras or sports bras and spandex underneath.

For a look that has such a bad reputation as being too sexy and revealing, this sheer thing may be here to stay this time, and it’s finally meant for every-day wear. A simple colorful cami with a sheer black blouse over top of it will be very fashionable this spring and summer.

Transform the reputation of sheers by making them classy and fun instead of sexy and racy.

Whimsical Designs

Anything that looks as if it appeared out of a fairytale or storybook is considered whimsical, and in fashion, the more whimsical print you choose, the more fashionable you are!

These light and fun designs can cover your entire body and never look like too much. Yes, they’re loud, and they draw a ton of attention, but head to toe patterns are so the thing this year.

Fairy-like, storybook-inspired prints are it. Dresses, then, obviously, are the big holders of this great trend, but you’ll find these designs on everything from bras to tops to shorts and shoes!


No, the fringe that lines your cowboy boots and cowboy vest is not cute fringe. Cute fringe is found on the bottoms of dresses, sort of Great Gatsby-style, this spring and summer.

It’s a classic, 1920s look that’s making a comeback nearly a century later. You know what they say, though, some fashion trends have to thoroughly die before they ever come back full force – 2012 is dress fringe’s time.

Other kinds of fringe can still be found hanging lightly from the bottoms of crop tops or at the ends of sleeves, but start shying away from the old western cowboy look, and think more along the lines of the classy look of the roaring 1920s.

Grids and Checkerboards

This is a fashion that we actually have never seen on the runways, but it’s going to try to get some traction come this spring and summer.

These are a spin on the classic stripes (which are of course always fashionable) that criss-cross and create funky new patterns on clothing. The only general rule for this pattern: it has to be kept geometrical.

The pattern seems to fit well on square-shaped pieces or long, straight dresses.

Start making the room in your closet for these new spring and summer fashion trends now and maybe you’ll even start to will the warmer weather to come to you! You’ll have fun, though, regardless, preparing your closet for these awesome new fashion prints and patterns for spring and summer 2012.

Dyann Bose is a freelance writer who loves fashion and following trends. Her personal favorite fashion trend is Indian clothing and her closet is stuffed with internationally-inspired tunics, so she is thrilled to see them springing up on the couture runways this year!

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