12 Nail Care Tips For Spring and Summer

The wintry chills are replaced with cool breeze, with a whiff of the spring in air. You know summer’s round the corner and wait patiently to take off to that well earned break. You plan your trip to the minutest detail. Start shopping for the perfect summery wardrobe with accessories matched to the T. You have the ‘cut’ and you are ready to move….hold on did you forget a tiny detail. Of course, you did not heed the call of your nails of which had been in hibernation!

Time for a quick prep on how to get those tips and toes in perfect order:

  1. All winter you have been applying dark shade to your nails, which might have discolored them. Use a base coat before applying any colour on your nails to avoid the nail varnish pigments leeching into your nails.
  2. On the nail colour apply yet another top coat for that perfect finish and avoid chipping.
  3. Summers mean moisturizing or rehydrating. Give your nails a dose of vitamin e by rubbing some oil/cream comprising of vitamin e. Olive oil is also great as it not only softens brittle nails but also provides the essential moisture to the nail beds and cuticles.
  4. Keep your nails healthy and clean. If it is not possible to invest in manicures and pedicures at the spa/salon, try a few home tricks.
  5. Immerse your feet in warm water comprising of sea salts and essential oils (optional) for minimum 15 minutes. Scrub away the dead cells off your feet with a pumice stone. Wipe feet with a soft towel. Push back the cuticles gently with the help of a damp towel or orange stick. Clip nails and apply feet moisturizer. Paint toe nails if required.
  6. For hands you can follow the same process except you need not use pumice stone on your hands!
  7. Opt for shades in corals, pinks, brown and nudes during summer as they look great with a slight tan. If you want dark shades, apply only on feet as they look better on toe nails than finger nails.
  8. Experiment! Of course you need not stick to the boring pinks and browns. You can match the shade with your mood or outfit or sandals or occasion – just ensure that you get it right!
  9. Use balms rich in moisture to avoid cracking and drying of nails due to excessive heat, chlorine water in pools/oceans and dry air due to air conditioning.
  10. If you have developed ridges on your nails try to buff them once a month to get that evened out look.
  11. While washing and cleaning, use gloves to keep the nails from chipping due to excessive chemicals in the detergent.
  12. Avoid going barefoot especially in public places such places are full of fungi, bacteria and viruses that might harm not only your nails but your feet as well.

However if you must go barefoot, wear open toed sandals or slippers to minimize the damage!

Be it summer, winter, fall or spring – nails need to be cared for like the rest of your body. They are also an indicator of one’s overall health. By proper care, you not only end up looking good but also feeling confident.


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