4 Curly Hair Woes And How to Reduce Their Frequency

Let’s face it. Being a curly girl isn’t always easy. When curly hair is behaving we love it. We feel gorgeous, unique, and stylish in our own unique curly girl way. But when curly hair goes wrong, it tends to go spectacularly astray and leaves us girls feeling bereft of style and full of hair induced embarrassment and frustration.

There are four main causes of curly hair woes. These are as follows…

1. The Scarecrow: Just like those stuffed straw characters on farms across the world, your hair can become dry and stringy and bear an uncanny resemblance to straw. Like its namesake, this condition generally comes first thing in the morning and is a result of

2. The Vader: This is also known as triangle head, though when I was in high school I was called Vader head (because my hair was shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet) so I am well acquainted with this one. It’s not a good look. This can happen for a variety of reasons but one of the most common is frizz due to humidity and other weather related

3. The Helena Bonham Carter: A little bit like a crazy bird’s nest, or hairstyles from various Tim Burton films. This hair woe is not what you intended when you did your hair earlier. Sleeping on curls or introducing your hair to a windy weather day can result in a mess of tangled curls akin to that of one of Harry Potter’s most ruthless (and insane) enemies, Bellatrix Lestrange. There’s not much you can do to save your hair when this happens, aside from giving it a good wash or being very creative in how you pin it up. Halloween is the one and only day of the year when this style comes in handy.

4. The Sad Girl: This unfortunate predicament comes as a result of curling irons and other curly styling products that don’t deliver on longevity (despite what it says on the box or on the commercial). Hair starts out brilliantly curly and looking great. You hair spray it, and head out into the day only to witness your curls unwinding and volume disappearing as time goes on. With this curly hair woe, your hair finishes off limp and lifeless sometimes with very little hint of the curly locks you started with. This always happens more quickly than expected and is always a great disappointment (hence the sad face).

Any one of these four hair issues can ruin your day and greatly reduce self-confidence. But there’s good news! Curly hair woes can be overcome; it just comes down to finding the most effective hair curlers and treating your hair with a little tender loving care.

Solutions for curly hair woes

Firstly, hair curled by heat and irons often doesn’t last. Despite what any product tells you in their ad, it’s very difficult to guarantee you won’t experience the “Sad Girl” hair and limp locks by the end of the day. Heat also damages your hair, which is a main contributor to the Scarecrow.

Get yourself some great moisturising shampoo and conditioners and a good cleansing shampoo (I highly recommend Redken’s Hair Cleansing Crème shampoo!) to remove build up which can weigh your hair down. Getting your hair cut every three months at least will also help it stay healthy and strong. Using a diffuser on low heat and a small amount of product can create good curls that last (depending on your hair type).

Alternatively, Curlformers hair curling products are a great solution for getting glossy gorgeous curls that last. I recently used them for a party and my hair stayed curly for two whole days! This even included pulling the curls back into a ponytail for the evening. I highly recommend using Curlformers. They take a little longer to put in, and you need to wait until hair is dry to remove them (then don’t touch your hair for at least 10 minutes before combing through with your fingers), but it’s worth it.

Just remember, my fellow curly girls! These woes aren’t doomed to own you forever. There are solutions. Choose low heat over high heat, avoid irons, and think natural. Your hair will thank you and you’ll be thankful for more good hair days than bad days.


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