How To Apply Eyeliner

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a great eyeliner look? Maybe you simply need some beginner lessons in how to apply eyeliner? Or, if you are a pro at the basics, have you wondered how to get the perfect winged cat’s eye? The guide below from Total Beauty covers it all. This really is a nice tutorial set for anyone who needs some direction in the eyeliner department, and I think it is one of Total Beauty’s best guides.

To see the various looks (there are ten of them) and learn how to do them, click on through below!
The Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

From the basic straight line to the crazy retro cat-eye, we’ve got 10 eyeliner looks that you must try now

We know what you’re thinking: I can barely draw a straight line, let alone a winged tip. Are we right or are we right? Well that’s where eye makeup guru Taylor Chang-Babaian comes in. She shares details on how to hold the brush, keep your hand steady, and achieve the more daring looks — all on your first try.


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The Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

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