Warmth and Comfort With Welly Socks

If you follow the latest trends you’ll know that celebrities like Kate Moss have really taken to wearing wellies in the wet weather instead of more traditional leather boots. This makes perfect sense and from what we’ve seen of Ms. Moss underneath the Supermodel exterior beats a heart of pure country girl, but if you’ve ever worn wellies with traditional socks you’ll share our hatred of ‘sock bunching’ and cold toes which result from long periods out in the field, especially in Winter when a hot bath is usually required to bring any feeling back to mis-used tootsies!

Your Welly Champion – Welly Socks!

Specialised welly socks have been around for a number of years now. These specialist socks provide warmth and comfort inside any standard profile welly, with tailored versions being available for kids and ‘short boot’ styles which are fashionable in some circles. Because welly socks are designed in effect to be a removable liner for this type of waterproof boot, they neatly sidestep any bunching issues inside the boot as the design usually incorporates a wide collar which folds neatly at the top of the boot, stopping the sock from slipping.

hunter welly socks

Specialist Materials for Warmth and Comfort

With microfibre advances over the past few years, welly socks enjoy levels of anti-wicking and warmth never before available.

The Hunter range of welly socks so popular with Royalty and celebrity wearers offer microfibre fleece which looks good and allows the foot to breathe, meaning ‘sweaty welly feet’ are a thing of the past – a very good thing if you’re out in frozen mud as sweaty feet really add to discomfort!

The fact that these welly socks are machine washable means that they’re easy to look after, added to the fact that these type of socks stop the traditional ‘damp boot’ syndrome (where foot persipration leeches into the welly lining material, making it damp and sweaty) this means that you’re not faced with having to somehow clean the inside of your boots to get rid of that awful sweaty boot smell.

Forget Boring – Welly Socks Bring Colour!

Even if you haven’t gone for one of the new breed of brightly coloured and patterned wellies from Joules or Hunter, welly socks allow you to inject a bit of colour into what was traditionally a dour type of footwear. Welly socks from Hunter are available in a range of bright colours (including for the girlies candy pink!) which really lifts the look of these practical boots to one of fashion item. Infinitely more practical and stylish than a pair of Ugg boots, your wellies along with a good quality pair of welly socks will mean you’re the darling of the high street or the paddock and when you’re finished you can be assured your toes are toasty warm!

Welly socks are available from a number of high street and online retailers, with specialist equestrian shops being a great source. Next time you’re looking out for practical, fun, comfortable footwear for the wet weather give wellies and a pair of welly socks a try – you’ll be glad you did!

Trot2.com is a well established website of a UK equestrian centre offering a large range of Hunter boots and welly socks

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